Satyr Dreams


Tea of the Day: Satyr Dreams by Dryad Tea

Description: The dreams of Satyrs have long been speculated to be great things full of whimsy and beauty. This tea was created to embody those dreams in deep black teas and floral notes with a very light undertone of hazelnut.

Dry tea smells like dried roses

Liquor is a light chestnut brown in the cup

Steeped tea actually doesn’t have much of smell and its flavor is very mild. Floral and sweet. This tea needs more time to steep than you would think, as the longer it steeps, the better the flavor is. I noticed that the flavor got stronger towards the bottom of the cup, but I think steeping it for a full 5 minutes instead of just 3 would have the same effect.

Tea Rating.: 4/5


They say:

“Put down roots”


“Go back to your roots”

In such tones that imply that this is always a good thing


Like any other blanket statement,

this idea is flawed.


Adapting to change and growing

sometimes means moving “uprooting” if you will

This is an important part of life


Also, going back to where you came from

…when where you came from almost killed you…

Is not what I’d call “a good thing”


And sometimes,

(more than we’re usually comfortable admitting)

we put down roots on empty air

and only think that we’re secure


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Tea of the Day: RavenSong by Dryad Tea

Description: A delicious blend of spiced lemon and a touch of raspberry. This tea is the autumn call of the raven. Delightfully fruity and spicy all at ones, great with a dash of sweetener.

Dry tea smells rich and slightly spicy

Liquor is a cinnamony-brown color in the cup

Steeped tea is cinnamon in scent and flavor with an aftertaste of ginger and sweet berry. It’s not quite as complex as the description suggests, but does deepen in flavor as it cools. Adding sugar brings out the cinnamon flavor, which is not quite what I was hoping for.

Tea Rating: 4/5

Advice I’d give to my younger self:

Listen, your time and energy are too precious, and life is too damn short, to waste any of it on all the stressing you’re doing.

It’s like you think you have to make up for every angry thought or uncharitable action by letting people walk all over you and treat you badly like that’s what you deserve.

You don’t.

Obviously, this doesn’t mean be a dick. Be humble and kind and positive because that’s you but quit beating yourself up when you can’t. Even light bulbs burn out.

You’re giving yourself high blood pressure and nightmares and panic attacks over people who won’t be in your life in a few years.

And, it’s not your job to fix anyone. Be supportive, sure. But fix? No way

You’ve got bigger fish to fry.

via Daily Prompt: Fry




Tea of the day: Pu-Erh Spice by Adagio Teas

Description: Pleasantly perky spices add warmth and sweetness to the mellow mineral notes of Pu-Erh. Sweet cinnamon and anise with tingly ginger liven up the palate while soothing the soul. A great companion for a chilly day.

Dry tea smells like orange and spice with an earthy, almost musky undertone

Liquor is a dark orange-red-brown in the cup

Steeped tea has a much lighter scent than the dry. The orange and spice sort of fades into the background leaving the earthy flavor in the foreground. Lightly sweet on its own and easy to drink. Adding sugar brings out the orange flavor. As the tea cools the flavor gets more rich, almost chocolatey, as I’ve noticed is often the case with Pu-Erh teas.

Tea Rating: 4/5

Today, a post on the prompt “Breakthrough


In hindsight,

this life has been full,

so full.

Full of joy, and wonder,

and moments of breakthrough.


Some are large–

(finally) graduating

learning (the first time) that there is life after a broken heart

riding a bike without training wheels for the first time


Some are small–

living in a place you’re happy to invite people to

first time cooking a big holiday dinner on your own

figuring out how to dance so you don’t have to  be a wallflower all the time


Stand back and look,

and they’re stars against the backdrop of your life,

making beautiful constellations across time.


The only downside?

You can’t see your breakthroughs

in the moment,

as they happen.






Lavender Chunmee Green


Tea of the Day: Lavender Chunmee Green (personal blend)

Description: After having the lavender sencha green blend by the American Tea Room, I got to thinking that it’s a fairly simple blend if I could find the ingredients. My town has a health food store and carries a good selection of herbs, so I picked out a chunmee green and high quality lavender flowers.

Chunmee (or Chun Mee) is an ever popular tea with a bright flavor, light tangy sweetness, and a toasty warm clean finish, making it an excellent green tea during the day or night, with a nice well-rounded flavor and aftertaste.

Lavender flowers are good for relaxtion and rest while awake and better sleep when you’re not.It has also been used to soothe anxiety and upset stomachs.

Dry tea smells strongly of lavender (the blend is 4 parts green tea to 3/4 part lavender).

Liquor is a light almost amber yellow in the cup

Steeped tea retains the lavender scent, with a slight earthiness from the green tea. Because of the lavender, the tea needs little or no sugar. The tea has a very smooth mouthfeel that leaves a silkyness behind.

Tea Rating: 4.5/5

I think it is a good attempt but perhaps a little more green tea would be better. I also did not add any sugar, which does sometimes change the rating

Today, a response to the prompt “Maybe“.

“Maybe” is a word that is often reviled; not a yes or a no, but something dangling in between.

When I think of “maybe”, I think of waiting, and hoping and the anxiety of not knowing.

I think of chewed nails and lost sleep and a stomach all in knots.

But, there is also a positive aspect of “maybe” that can be missed.

When you first meet someone, there is a whole slew of maybes;


“Maybe this date will be amazing”

“Maybe I’ll get a second date”

“Maybe my family will love him/her”


“Maybe I’ll get to be friends with this awesome person”

“Maybe I’ll have regular company at lunch/the gym/at class”

“Maybe my pets (or children) will have a new cool auntie”

And as you get to know people better:

“Maybe I’ll get to see my favorite person today”

So there’s still a lot of waiting, and still some unknowns, but the right kind of maybe can be a fun, positive experience

The place where the sea kisses the sky is a beautiful beginning to a painful end.
― Vanshika Dhyani

Pure Green


Tea of the Day: Pure Green by the American Tea Room

Description: Pure Green is actually a blend of three different senchas, the standard steamed green tea of Japan. This blend creates a brew that is not only refreshingly healthy tasting, but a tea with nuance. At first, an aroma of fresh steamed maize and green corn husks hits you. With a taste, you notice the signature grassy flavor of steamed green teas. Then a light note of kelp is overwhelmed by a buttery, creamy flavor, reminiscent of rich corn chowder. The flavor stays with you, evolving with a light tannic bite to finish.

Dry tea smells lightly sweet with a little bit of a bite

Liquor is a bright yellow-green in the cup

Steeped tea smells very similar to the dry, but a bit more savory, like vegetable broth.  It has a sweet grassy flavor with a savory finish. Adding sugar brightens up the whole flavor

Tea Rating: 4/5

Today’s writing is based on the prompt Companion

Will you be my companion?

Before you answer, let it be known that this is a bigger thing than it probably sounds, and possibly smaller.

For one thing, one’s companion does not also have to be one’s lover.

However, it does require a level of intimacy not typically found outside of romantic relationships…or sadly, within them.

It’s being so comfortable with each other that there are no walls, no secrets, no lies (even little ones), nothing that is awkward between us, and no moments of judgment

We’ll fight (because you’re human) but even as you’re fighting, you’re forgiving each other, because you are each other’s safe space

We won’t always understand each other, but we’ll always be willing to try

We’ll be in each other’s corner, always, and on the occasions where you or I feel that the other is doing something silly or something that does not put us in the best light, we’ll let each other know, because that is support, too.

A balance between two people.


Will you be mine?

Lavender Sencha


Tea of the Day: Lavender Sencha Green tea by The American Tea Room

Description: Deep green Japanese sencha leaves are accented with tiny pink and violet lavender blossoms in a blend that is at once fresh and classic. The brew is a springy yellow green with assertive aromas of lavender and the ocean, and a soft peppery undertone. A full lavender flavor fills the palate, and then gracefully reveals notes of lime zest, ocean air and cloves. The finish speaks of flowers, steamed young greens and lemon.

Dry tea smells as you would expect, like lavender, with a touch of savory bite behind it

Liquor is a lovely clear golden green color in the cup. Think “spring green”

Steeped tea is very similar to the dry although to me it smells a touch sharper. In taste, however it is lightly floral, with a nice full flavor of lavender at first, followed by something smooth and peppy. It makes me think of citrus, but more subtle, almost like it was flavored with a touch of dried citrus jest.

Adding a little sugar to me makes it taste like and edible bouquet; flowery and sweet with a savoryness that really ties it together. All in all, a very relaxing and tasty tea.

Tea Rating: 5/5

Today a response to the Daily Post’s prompt Natural (warning, it’s not a poem/creative post, it’s some thoughtful prose the prompt brought to mind)

This is going to be a little bit of a rant, so you’re totally welcome to quit reading here. I’m sure tomorrow will be more positive all around

What’s with the insistence that “natural” is synonymous with “good”?  Natural might be good in some cases, like with plant sugar easier for the body to process than modified sugars or artificial sweeteners, but it’s not a perfect system. If you put a whole bunch of sugar in your tea, it’s still not going to be healthy for you, no matter how natural the sugar used. Too much is still too much.

The same kind of thing goes for herbal remedies. I’m not against it per se, and do swear by certain teas being good for some issues–like mint or ginger for upset stomach, licorice for sore throat, echinacea to help fight getting sick in the first place and so on. However there’s a lot of “natural remedies” being touted to work miracles. I mostly see that kind of thing when it comes to weight loss and while some things do help with energy levels and such, it’s not always safe to add a bunch of extra vitamins or extracts to your diet, no matter what the source. Some substances interfere or interact with medications, and every medicine, human manufactured or not, has the potential to have side effects.

Getting away from food, it can be argued that behavior that is natural isn’t always right. The teenage kid down the street may have the nature-given urge to want to put his dick in anything and everything that he can…but that does not meant that it’s a smart idea or the right thing to do, depending on the situation. Some behaviors that come naturally developed when the world was a very different place and have not gone away, but have no place in the here and now.

I also have a problem with “you’re a natural” as a compliment for someone in relation to something they do, like write, or draw, or sing, or run, and so on. I’ve always taken it as meaning that the person makes it look easy or that is seems second nature to them, which on the face of it is a nice thing to hear. But even for someone who has natural aptitude for something, there is usually still work involved. Sometimes, I would argue, even more because when they reach a point where the drawing won’t come out right or the dance step eludes them, they have to both push past the normal block but also the one that says there’s something wrong with them since it’s not working the way it always had. Saying “you’re a natural”  doesn’t convey understanding or respect of the work it still takes.

Masala Chai


Tea of the Day: Masala Chai by Adagio Teas

Description: Our Masala Chai tea blend combines premium Ceylon black tea with cinnamon, cardamom, cloves and ginger. Our interpretation tries to stay true to its definition thanks to a warm and inviting fragrance, zesty flavor (without being too hot or spicy) and invigorating, aromatic finish.

Dry tea smells like sweet clove an spice with an earthy black licorice hint in the finish

Liquor is a rich caramel brown in the cup

Steeped tea smells spicier than the dry and is very spicy in flavor. Adding sugar brings out the sweet clove flavor. If you add a little milk as well it makes the whole drink smooth and sweet and rich like chocolate or licorice

Tea Rating: 4.5/5

Today, a response to The Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge, Pure 



To me, there is nothing more pure than fresh snow, particularly if you have time to witness it falling.

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