Masala Chai


Tea of the Day: Masala Chai by Adagio Teas

Description: Our Masala Chai tea blend combines premium Ceylon black tea with cinnamon, cardamom, cloves and ginger. Our interpretation tries to stay true to its definition thanks to a warm and inviting fragrance, zesty flavor (without being too hot or spicy) and invigorating, aromatic finish.

Dry tea smells like sweet clove an spice with an earthy black licorice hint in the finish

Liquor is a rich caramel brown in the cup

Steeped tea smells spicier than the dry and is very spicy in flavor. Adding sugar brings out the sweet clove flavor. If you add a little milk as well it makes the whole drink smooth and sweet and rich like chocolate or licorice

Tea Rating: 4.5/5

Today, a response to The Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge, Pure 



To me, there is nothing more pure than fresh snow, particularly if you have time to witness it falling.

Also, a shameless plug, promoting my photography! You can check out my website or my Facebook page, if you’re so inclined.



Chamomile, Honey & Vanilla


Tea of the Day: Chamomile, Honey & Vanilla by Twinings Tea

Description: A soothing herbal tea expertly blended with pure camomile and the naturally sweet flavours of honey and vanilla to deliver a smooth tea with a creamy aroma and velvety taste.

Dry tea smells like a mix between fresh bread and sugar cookies

Liquor is a clear golden yellow in the cup

Steeped tea smells a little sweeter than the dry. The tea itself is pleasantly sweet and light, with a slight herby aftertaste. Adding sugar makes it a little too sweet.

Tea Rating: 3.5/5


Today, a shameless plug.

Not for a book for my writer friend, but for me.

I present to you: My photography website!

It’s an ongoing project, because I have a much larger body of work than what I feel would make a website people will actually want to look at. It’s like clothes, in a way; you don’t want to reveal everything to the public all at once, do you?

So, every so often, I’ll change out at least one of the galleries on the site. This will keep it fresh, and give me motivation to actually prep more of my work for viewing. Adding watermarks and doing any cropping or other editing is a time-consuming process, as is sorting through my numerous photos to find ones that are good enough for anyone but me. My standards are pretty high, but I want to be nothing but proud of what I have to offer.

I’ll also update it as I get ready to do portrait work, with packages and prices, and once I have a few clients and events under my belt, I’ll have a client section of my site as well.

At this point, I think the next step would be creating a stronger social media presence. For now, I’m quite satisfied.

Here’s to progress!




Earl Grey Lavender


Tea of the Day: Earl Grey Lavender by Adagio Teas

Description: Our Earl Grey Lavender benefits from the addition of lavender flowers, which have a long history of medicinal, culinary and household use. For one, their sweet, floral fragrance is notably soothing, invoking relaxation. Combined with the classic blend of Earl Grey’s citrus and a hint of cream, it is sure to become a quiet time favorite.

Dry tea smells almost like candy with its citrusy and flowery sweetness

Liquor is a clear red-brown in the cup

Steeped tea has a similar scent to the dry. The flavor is a bit lighter than most earl grey, and the lavender makes it less a breakfast tea and more of an afternoon/evening drink.

Adding sugar makes the citrus flavor more robust in the first taste, with the lavender rounding out the finish. The tea is a touch astringent, but that’s nothing a dash of milk wouldn’t fix

Tea Rating: 4/5


Today, a shameless plug and book review for a new book co-authored by my good friend K.T. Munson

FrontCover152.4x228 (1)

Back of the book blurb:  Fire and Frost; no two nations have ever been so divided. Only two bridges across the great River Gora connects them and their long standing hatred. When spring comes early the Frost Nation looks upon the Fire Nation with suspicion. Soon they will discover that the rising rivers, warmer temperatures, and the quakes are all a result of something far more terrifying then each other. When the world seems to turn against them they will only have each other to look to. Can they put their differences aside long enough to fix their planet?

They must or face extinction.

The Review:

The very first thing that I noticed is that although this book has two authors, there is very little change in voice or writing style between the two authors, which makes the story easy to read.

From start to finish, this book keeps your attention, moving along at a rapid pace that keeps you on the edge of your seat, keeping you guessing right up until the end. That being said, the story is not light on character depth or development; each of the principle characters has depth and evolves as the story goes, so much so that characters I did not like at the start had me cheering at the end.

My only real complaint is that some aspects of the resolution of the story seemed to come out of nowhere, making me wonder if there had been some hint at these things that I just missed.

All in all, a good read that I would recommend and will likely read again.

Book Rating: 4.5/5




Mango Maui


Tea of the day: Mango Maui Black Tea by Hawaiian Islands Tea Company

Description: Perhaps our most popular tea! Mango Maui is a smooth, black tea enhanced by the tropical flavor of mangoes reminiscent of Maui’s warm sun-kissed beaches. A delightful tea to serve hot or iced.

Smells like mango. Sweet, ripe delicious mango, with an underlying strong and rich scent of black tea

Smells much the same steeped, even stronger mango smell though

Liquor is a rich chestnut-brown in the cup

Tastes like mangos, filling the mouth with sweetness, even before sugar. There is a bitter aftertaste before adding sugar, though, which leaves a slightly dry mouthfeel

Adding sugar significantly cuts down on the bitterness, and makes it even more fruity

Tea Rating: 3/5

Today, I’m writing to inform you all of a wonderful fantasy book that is currently available for pre-order for just $2.99 (for the e-book edition), called 1001 Islands, by K.T. Munson

The official release date is 8/22/2015, and here is the back of the book, just to give you all a taste of what’s to come

The sliver of moonlight cast eerie shadows across the deck of The Dark Revenge. The Silence at the helm stood embracing the obscurity. His foreboding presence matched the anticipation aboard the ship, and no one spoke for fear they would break the stillness that encompassed them.

Tonight, everything changed.

The Dark Revenge gained on the Regatta. The raiders said nothing but he could hear the shuffle of taut female clothing and the tension in the air. It hadn’t sensed their existence, and drifted like heedless prey. Princess Roxana slept, unsuspecting of what was hunting her in the inky blackness of the night.

There was only one thing on the minds of The Silence’s crew as they drew near; Hang the Kings, Crown the People.


And, as you can see, the absolutely gorgeous book cover

Also, if you’re the kind of person who reads a little of the book before you buy, you can read Chapter 1 for free here:

Want more? You can order it here:

If you’re still not sure, have a look at the GoodReads page

The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.
Dr. Seuss, I Can Read With My Eyes Shut!

English Breakfast


Tea of the day: English Breakfast (High Grown) by Teavana

Description: This hidden treasure of royal lineage raises this most beloved morning black tea to new heights. Each sip unfolds to reveal the complexity of the high grown full leaves. Feel like royalty with this elegantly time-honored classic and add a majestic nod to every cup.

Smells full and slightly sweet, with prominent smokey overtones

Liquor is rich dark mahogany brown in the cup

Tea is full-flavored, fills the mouth. It’s got a smokey flavor that begs for buttery toast but is also very smooth and drinkable without food

Tea Rating: 4/5

Today, I am shamless. (OK I’m shameless most days)

But today I want to talk up a good friend of mine. More specifically, her writing.

She has been writing stories as long I’ve known her (and probably longer!) and now, in addition to her day job, she is self publishing her own novels

Today is the day that her second book is available for purchase and reading (Book cover below)

Zender by K.T.Munson

I’m lucky enough to get to be an editor for her novels so I can say will confidence that this is a great book and I am beyond excited that she chose this one as the next one to publish

If any of you would like to check out her writing before you commit to buying a book, you can find her blog here:

Her book is available on the Kindle and through

Happy Reading and may you find your perfect cup today!