Ginger Tea


Tea of the day: Ginger tea by Yogi

Description: In our ginger tea, we add a unique blend of herbs and spices to ginger root to compliment ginger’s unique flavor, and to emphasize ginger’s rejuvenating, soothing, and invigorating qualities.

Smells sweet and sharp, tickles my nose

Liquor is yellow gold in the cup

Smells of ginger, pepper, and lemongrass

Brassy flavor with a peppery aftertaste. Actually pretty tasty (surprising for a more medcinal tea, at least to me) and somewhat refreshing

Tea Rating: 3/5

My job requires me to do a certain number of hours of training per year, as well as specific courses to be taken yearly or every other year

One of these is a suicide prevention and awareness class, which I took today

Part of the class is an overview of the most common mental illnesses that lead to suicide–the number one and two being depression and bipolar disorder. This is not news to me, as it makes a certain kind of sense. But then, as we moved on to a discussion of schizophrenia, I had a thought:

Opertating on the assumption that there are things out there that we cannot always see but still interact with—the metaphysical world that I’ve talked about before, how many people are diagnosed schizophrenics but actually seeing things that do, in fact, exist?

I am not saying that mental illnesses do not exist or anything like that. Some people truly are ill, chemically imbalanced in the brain. What I am saying though is that I wonder how much of our reality is actually the same for everyone. It is known that some people can see more colors than others, or hear better, or have better noses, etc…why are we often reluctant to extend that same understanding into metaphysics as well?

We know that our brains trick us all the time; there are books written about the way we edit our lives into a narrative that makes sense even if it did not happen that way, or that we edit out things that don’t fit. Take for example our noses: they are right in the middle of our field of vision, yet we do not see them unless we try very hard

Personally, I think we have such a hard time with the idea that there are spirits (or angels or demons or whatever your chosen mythos is ) that not everyone is able to see or hear because we don’t understand how this could be possible. We react with fear if we don’t understand…and often seek to control the source of our fears as well.

And what better way to control someone than to lock them away in an institution or medicate them to the point that they are “normal”?

“I read the tea leaves
as if they were words
left over from a conversation
between two cups.”
Kenny Knight, The Honicknowle Book of the Dead


White Tea


Tea of the day: White Tea by Trader Joe

Description: This delicate and rare tea was at one time a privilege of royalty in China. Only the softest new buds are used to make this very special tea–this results in a pale yellowish brew which will comfort and sooth you

Smells just very slightly sweet before steeping

Light pinkish amber in the cup. Lightly sweet, subtle. Not crazy with flavor, but definitely relaxing

Tea Rating: 4/5

Today I want to talk about two more animal totems that I find to be interesting and relevant to my life: the Owl and the Wolf

The Owl represents the mystery of magic, omens, silent wisdom, and vision in the night. They have also represented transitions in life, based on their original mythos of being the announcer of death. Their time of power is nighttime, all year ’round.

Each species of owl represents slightly different characteristics, so I’ll talk about general aspects of people with the owl totem, and the specifics of the snowy owl, as it’s my personal favorite owl.

Owls have long represented wisdom and mystery. People with the Owl as their totem are able to see and hear what other people try to hide, hearing what is not being said, seeing the things kept in the shadows. It is often said that their penetrating stare can see straight into a person’s soul and this can be very intimidating. It is important for people with the Owl as their totem to trust their instincts about people or what they “see”, even if there is no other evidence to back this up because they are often not wrong. Owl people also often develop clairaudience and clairvoyance

Snowy owls in specific are particularly patient. They also have excellent instincts in terms of when the best time is to make a move in their lives. People who are Snowy Owls, in spite of their great ability and strength, do not overtly announce their presence in a new area, but simply move in and go about their own business. They accomplish tasks through timing and skill, rather than intimidation, and understand that true strength is gentle.

The next totem I find very interesting is the Wolf

The Wolf represents guardianship, ritual, loyalty and spirit. Their time of power is year ’round, the full moons and twilight

People of the Wolf totem are very expressive and find communication to be very important to them. They use ritual to establish order and harmony within their lives and understand that true freedom requires discipline. People with the wolf totem tend to be very connected to the spiritual world, often seeing things that others may miss. They will make quick and strong emotional attachments based on the things they perceive and are very loyal to their friends and family. They also seek to teach those who are lost or otherwise in need of guidance, and though that guidance is not always gentle, it is always done with a spirit of great love.

Rain-forest Tea


Tea of the Day: Rain-forest Tea by the Republic of Tea

Description: Lush infusion of allspice, vanilla and herbs and spices from South America, Africa and Asia

Smells woody, almost musky, deeply rich and subtly sweet

Clear amber in the cup. Smells much the same steeped as dry; sweet and earthy

Tea Rating: 3.5/5

Continuing the discussion of totem animals/ spirit animals, today I’m going to talk about the totem animal of myself and someone who has become very important to me

I myself identify most with the Leopard.

In terms of metaphysics, there are two Leopard aspects that are most common: the Snow Leopard and the Panther

Snow Leopard best represents instinct, intuition, innate potential, and sexuality. Their time of power is dusk and dawn

Panther best represents inner knowing, coming into the world with the lights already switched on, in the sense of things beyond what we can see. People with the panther as their totem often develop claireaudience. They also know to trust their inner visions and are very touch sensitive. Their time of power is the dark of the moon and winter

Taken as a whole, the Leopard is a symbol of Rebirth. Those with the Leopard totem are patient and persistent in attaining their goals. They plan for everything and can change plans on a whim if need be. They naturally respect others and have a great self respect. Self confident and wise, they are courageous against adversity. They often have a large store of personal power and understand the use of intention to guide their lives. They are able to align the energy that surrounds them into a constant and stable balance

The next totem I’m going to talk about today is the Bear

The Bear as a totem represents awakening the power of the unconscious. Their time of power is spring and summer.

The Bear has great patience in manifesting her or her ideas and projects. People with the Bear as their totem are willing to wait for just the right moment to spring their ideas upon the universe. They are also very discerning and discriminating of the relationships in their lives and will not spend time on those they determine to be toxic to them. They are confident in who they are and where they are going in life. They also understand the importance of taking time away from others to rest and recharge (much akin to the sleep/wake cycles of bears during the winter months). They are naturally nurturing and protective of children. Because of their qualities of self confidence and clear vision (among other things) people of the Bear totem are often looked upon as authority figures.

These are the two animal totems that I have recently found most relevant, although I am doing research into a few others that interest me

Mediterranean Tea


Tea of the Day: Mediterranean Tea by Republic of Tea

Description: Olive leaves, wild anise, and wild fennel create this uniquely sweet experienece

The anise smell is very strong, but this also a more citrusy sweet scent underneath

Clear light yellow in the cup

Anise flavor is very strong when steeped, thought there is an earthiness to the aftertaste that gives the tea a bit more body. Seems a bit one-dimensional to me

Tea Rating: 2.5/5

Today I’m going to talk a little bit about spirit animals/ animal totems.

This is not a new thing for people as a whole; for time immemorial we have been seeking to emulate or get guidance from the animals around us, although more so when we had to hunt for our food so understanding was key to our survival.

That being said, many believe that animals still have things to teach us.

As far as person’s spirit animal or totem animal, this is meant to be the metaphysical incarnation of the things that drive and define us.

Many people believe that they have one primary spirit animal that they identify most with or that shows up most often in their lives (such as in dreams) and then others that come into play at different times in their lives, to provide insight or guidance to certain situations in life.

It is also useful to study not only the animal totem that means most to you, but also the prey or predator of that totem, as well as other totems that interact with it (such as duck and freshwater trout) because often times looking at the whole picture will bring greater insight.

Additionally, it is believed that your spirit animal brings you protection in a metaphysical sense, or can teach you the best way for you to protect yourself.

Knowing your spirit animal may also help you in your interactions with other people, as deep awareness of what you are may allow you to sense and better understand what kind spirit animates the people around you.

Take a moment and sit still with yourself, for it is within still quiet moments within ourselves that our inner animal can speak and be heard.  Who knows, you may even learn something about yourself you did not know!

“Wouldn’t it be dreadful to live in a country where they didn’t have tea?”
Noël Coward 

Crepe Faire


Tea of the Day: Crepe Faire by Stash Tea

Description: Exciting combination of clean, cool spearmint and spicy cinnamon

Smells minty and sweet, with cinnamon and honey smells coming out most clearly.

Honey yellow in the cup. Tastes just like it smells and so needs very little sugar. Has a bit more of a peppermint flavor than what I would expect from the smell.

Tea Rating: 4/5

My thoughts have wandered time and again to what things mean, not just on the surface, but underneath. Like an iceberg in frozen waters, there is more to this world than meets the eye. This feeling of wondering happens off and on for me, but lately it has been very much “on”

Today I want to talk about the possibility that there are deeper meanings to the jewelry that we wear (aside from the obvious items like a wedding ring or a gift from a loved one). For examples, I’ll go into some of the possible metaphysical meanings behind the things I tend to be attracted to: Silver and copper for metals and amethyst, amber, pearl, tanzantite and topaz for the “jewel” part of jewelry.

Silver is often associated with the moon, so can be worn to encourage receptivity, reaction and reflection. It is also said to reflect negative energy. That, coupled with the legend that vampires and werewolves are vulnerable to silver, leads to the idea that silver is good to wear for protection

Copper is known to be a good conductor of energy, which applies to metaphysical energy as well as electricity. It also works with the flow of projective and receptive energy, amplifying it. It also has balancing and connecting properties, making the flow of energy between mind, body and spirit smoother and stronger. It has long been known as a healing metal.

Amber is seen as a stone of warmth, old energy, and wisdom of the ages. It is also used to help balance emotions, clear the mind, and promote healing as well as attracting good luck

Amethyst is a stone of protection, coming from Greek meaning “without drunkenness” and is believed to specifically protect one from poison. It has been used as both protection from witchcraft as well as protection from self-deception and promotes wisdom, particularly of the spiritual variety. Has also been used for protection while traveling

Pearl is the symbol of a pure heart, and has a calming presence of innocence. It can promote faith and charity and help balance emotions. Also said to bring foresight and protect the wearer from the evil eye.

Tanzanite is said to be very helpful when undertaking spiritual journeys. It raises compassion and brings on a peaceful understanding of your own heart. It can also calm an overactive mind, and raise your awareness during times of meditation

Topaz promotes wisdom, honesty and awakens the part in ourselves that wants to actually achieve our dreams. As such, it can help direct our energizes to the place or places where it is most needed. It heals, energizes, and promotes truth and forgiveness

All in all, looking at the kinds of jewelry I am most often attracted to and wear continuously, it seems that protection, healing, and understanding for myself and others as well as knowing the truth and living honestly are things I find important and wish to promote in my life.

Pretty accurate, I’d say.

Have you ever looked into the meaning behind the jewelry you wear?