English Breakfast


Tea of the Day: English Breakfast by Golden Moon Tea

Description: From the world’s finest gardens, we blend Keemun, Assam, and Ceylon teas with a touch of refined Darjeerling. Copper liquor awakens the palate with brisk and complex flavor. Toasty, with subtle floral undertones

Smells like summer sweet tea, rich and sweet.

Basically the same steeped

Dark coppery brown in the cup

This tea is very time sensitive, goes from tasty to bitter easily, although if you like a bit more bitter in your tea, this won’t be a problem.

Sugar smooths out the flavor,  brings out flowery notes

Adding a touch of milk makes it taste like a drinkable breakfast pastry

Tea Rating: 3.5/5

Came across something a friend of mind posted today. It struck a chord with me so I thought I’d share


Once upon a time I would have said “that’s all very nice, but it’s easier said than done”.

Now, I realize that it really is that simple; you just have to be willing to be good enough to yourself, to believe that you deserve good things


Irish Breakfast


Tea of the Day: Irish Breakfast by Golden Moon Tea

Description: Beautiful golden tips highlighted against deep black leaves. The robust flavor is equally eloquent and complex. A rich malty character with notes of ripe cherries, dark prunes, and hints of honey

Smells a bit like green tea with it’s grassy sweetness, but also richer somehow. Makes me think of morning on a farm

Liquor is a rich dark red-brown in the cup

Coffee-like favor. Very robust with a sweet aftertaste

If you are inclined to add sugar, also add a little milk, a sugar alone makes it a bit astringent

Tea Rating: 3.75/5

The only really constant thing in life is change.

If we’re lucky, we’re able to get some consistency in friends or a career or a place that we live

But consistency like that is a double-edged sword

For one thing, it’s an illusion, things are always changing and if we don’t change too, one day you’ll find yourself adrift with no way of knowing how to even begin to get back in touch with the world

For another, being too set in our routines causes boredom. Everyone I know who has kept a full life, learning new things, staying active and expanding their personal horizons never even came close to having a mid-life crisis. They didn’t feel trapped or bogged down because they never let such a thing happen to them

The only constant thing in life is change

But we can’t expect to control it

And it’s not about having it all figured out

It’s about how you deal with the unexpected things that happen

Holiday Chai


Tea of the Day: Holiday Chai by Stash Tea

Description: For our holiday interpretation of the classic Indian tea, we blended premium black teas with an exotic melange of spices, including nutmeg, cinnamon, allspice, clove and cardamon along with flavors of gingerbread and rum to give this Chai a unique twist

Smells like eggnog without the heavy cream scent

Light organgey brown in the cup

Tastes like eggnog as well, pleasantly spicy and mouth tingly.

Tea Rating: 4/5

Last night, while watching a playlist of TED talks, I came across one  that really struck a chord with me.

In particular, the speaker said this (probably not exactly word for word): “the only thing that separates people who feel love and belonging and those that feel they are never enough is the belief that they are worthy of love and belonging”

This just blew me away.

It also made me feel a moment of “duuuuh” because really, I knew that. I know how powerful the mind and belief can be

But I still feel that this is significant. If you believe you are worthy of it, you feel love and belonging.

It’s that simple.

Or it could be, but we get in our own way

Link to the video that sparked this:

“Nowhere is the English genius of domesticity more notably evident than in the festival of afternoon tea. The […] chink of cups and the saucers tunes the mind to happy repose.”
George Gissing, The Private Papers of Henry Ryecroft

Snow Sprout


Tea of the Day: Snow Sprout by Golden Moon Tea

Description: As the most gentle among green teas, snow sprout delivers tender young buds that give a light infusion of serene clarity. Delicate floral notes are followed by a lingering sweetness

Smells sweet, slightly grassy, with a little bit of sharpness to it. Makes me think of horses.

Very pale green-gold in the cup

Light an subtly sweet, relaxing,

Tastes better without sugar. very simple and very tasty tea

Tea Rating: 4.5/5

While I was on lunch today, I had a thought occur to me:

I enjoy being a single lady.

Not in the bitter, relationship-hating, I-don’t-want-to-bother-to-try-again sense; I am quite open to the possibility that the love of my life may show up today or may already be in my life. I actually find the possibility of love rather exciting

Also not in playing-the-field sense; I am not particularly interested in bouncing around in one-thing-only relationships or trailing a bunch of suitors around behind me like some kind of strange bread crumb trail

What it actually is is pretty simple: I am a person whole and complete all on my own and for once, even after being single for around a year now, don’t feel any kind of burning need to change that. I am enjoying spending time with people that I find to be interesting and that make me feel good  without there being any stress or tension between myself and anyone I’m spending time with. I am also quite free to do my own thing, on my own terms; my time is mine. I fully expect that sooner or later there will be a special someone that will be the partner I can build a future with, but I am in no particular hurry to make that thing happen right this minute. There is a time and a place for everything under the sun and I am fully content with continuing to build positive relationships, to grow and learn and just be

Feels pretty good

Lavender Mate


Tea of the Day: Lavender Mate by Sipping Streams

Description:  Sipping Streams’ Lavender Yerba Maté is blended with premium lavender from the fields of France for a relaxing and energizing experience.

Smells light and sweetly flowery

Yellowish green in the cup

Once steeped, has a very flowery smell

Tea is light and–you guessed it–flowery, with a grassy, mint hint of kick and flavor

Tea Rating: 4/5

An example of how being inside my headspace has actually been quite good for me:

I spent some time flipping through the journal that I will be moving to once my current one is filled and found I had to resist the urge to rip out what I had written

Not because the writing was really all that bad…some of it was not all that great but there were a few spots of rather clear ideas and images that I still relate to now (one or two of them will probably even be future blog posts)

No, the reason why I wanted those pages gone is because I was plainly not healthy on a mental/emotional level

It is clear from my writing that I was angry or sad quite a lot, and that I was spending time with or dating people who were not good for me…and rather than expecting them to own up to mistakes that they were making at the time, I blamed it all on myself. I thought that I deserved what I was getting and that the only way to fix it was to change myself.

This was as recently as four years ago.

Reading these words sparked my curiosity, so I flipped back to the beginning of the journal I’m writing in right now

More of the same, from only about a year ago

Maybe a little more rightful irritation at the situation I was in, but still quite a lot of self-blame

I was right about one thing

I did need to change…just not for the reasons I once thought

I needed to become a better person, but for me, not to make someone else happy

Because self-hatred should have no place inside my head and heart…or in anyone’s head and heart, really. No one deserves that. I deserve better than that

Reading my old journal entries had me feeling a little scared for myself, and rather blown away by how bad it had really been

So, I kept reading. Scanning from the start of my current journal (June 2013) all the way up through now

This turned out the be a very good thing

I have changed…  A LOT.

Reading through from then until now, it is clear to see the difference. If I read yesterday’s entry, and then one from last year, the difference is almost stark. Reading it in order, I can chart a gradual change of mindset and thought patterns just from the change in word choice and subject matter

I needed to change, and I certainly have

And I have to say, that feels pretty awesome.

“If leeches ate peaches instead of my blood, then I would be free to drink tea in the mud!”
Emilie Autumn, The Asylum for Wayward Victorian Girls