Paid Services


Beta Reading Services:

A service to help you get your book ready for professional editing! If I beta read for someone, I do the following things:

  • Basic editing
    • spelling, grammar, consistency of tenses
  • Content checking
    • Suggested re-writes for awkward sentences, notes about where something is confusing, notes about name changes or contradictions, etc

I do all of my editing and commenting within Microsoft Word, using their review feature, so that you can accept or reject changes as you see fit.

Cost: $10 to $200 per book, depending on length and complexity of the book.

How it works: send me an email with a sample chapter of your book. I read it and do my beta reading and then send it back to you with a note of how much it will cost and how long it will take. If my style and terms are agreeable to you, then you pay half up front and half when I finish. You will get a discount on the total cost if I take longer than I said I would.

Basic editing services

Need a paper or blog post edited or just need a second pair of eyes on a final draft? Send it to me and I’ll read it over!

Note: this is for papers and posts only

Cost: flat $10 fee.


Contact email: