Peach Lemon


Tea of the day: Peach Lemon Herbal Tea by Kroger Select

Description: Private Selection Peach Lemon Herbal Tea is a premium blend of real fruit pieces and herbs, with notes of hibiscus and lemongrass.  Delicate peach flavor and a hint of sweetness.

Dry tea smells just like the name, like peach lemonade

Liquor is a light, slightly murky, golden brown in the cup

The steeped tea smells pretty much the same as the dry, just a little more lemon.

The tea is surprisingly bitter at first sip, but as I kept drinking that bitterness went away, leaving a pleasant drink. The tea stays peachy throughout and because of the lemon, it is not overly sweet. The tea really needs no sugar at all (at least not to me.)

Tea Rating: 4/5 (but only because of that bitter shock right at the beginning).

A couple days ago I was up in my office space straightening up, which I hadn’t done in a bit because I’m in the habit of picking up after myself as I go, so if I’m the main person using a given space it doesn’t get cluttered very fast.

It was night and I had my little table lamp on rather than the overhead light, so the room was lit with a warm glow.

I sat down in my desk chair and just took a moment to look around, and it was then that I realized something.

That room is filled with art. Actually, our whole house is filled with art. Video game posters, photographs I’ve done or done by people I know, art prints from local artists, paintings, coloring book pages, wall hangings, puzzles glue together, a cross stitch piece, a small quilt…art.

There are a lot of differnt things, and not all of it really “goes together,” but the end result is that our home is welcoming. It’s relaxing and comfortable, and reflection of the people who live in the house.

It is a mish-mash, but one that is full of life and personality, and something I would never trade for magazine clean and unified.




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