Scott Lang: Ant Man Blend


Tea of the Day: Scott Lang: Ant Man Blend by AEH at Adagio Tea

Description: A blend of orange, lemon, soleil, and white tangerine tea, accented with orange peel. Full of bright, cheerful citrus flavors, to invoke both Scott Lang’s home state of California and his sunny and optimistic personality.

Dry tea smells very citrusy and bright

Liquor is a light, clear, red brown in the cup.

Steeped tea smells much less citrusy than the dry.

The tea is light an pleasant and slightly citrusy.

Tea Rating: 3.5/5

Question of the day: Did you act your age today?

This question is silly. I’d like to think that’s the point…

What I mean is this: how do you define “acting your age?”

Is it, at 27, going to work and actually doing work and paying bills?

Because if that’s the case then I absolutely I acted my age.

But if it’s being totally serious and no smiles and such, then no.

I spent my lunch playing a game. And a good chunk of my day being excited and laughing. (Wedding planning is great this far out.)

There is a lot of joy in my life and I often get the impression that “act your age” means ignore that. That being an adult means being sad. Or angry. There are a lot of awful and sad things in the world. Sometimes I cry and rage over them.

But today, I chose to be happy and goofy.

If that means I didn’t act my age then I embrace that concept with my whole self.


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