Darjeeling TGBOP


Tea of the Day: Darjeeling TGBOP by Xanadu Tea

Description:  The world’s finest black tea grows in the hauntingly beautiful mountains of Darjeeling, India. Growth at this elevation is slow, with the leaves developing unrivaled flavor intensity, moderately bodied yet bright and crisp in the cup.

Dry tea smells strong and slightly sweet with a lightness to it

Liquor is a light chestnut brown in the cup.

This particular tea is very picky about temperature and steep times. If the water is at boiling, which is standard for most black tea, it is bitter. Same if it gets steeped longer than 3 minutes. At 3 minutes steep time and 200 degree (F) water temperature, the tea has a smoky smell and flavor, with a hint of sweetness.

Tea Rating: 3/5

Yesterday was beautiful day. Sun and clear skies as far as the eye could see.

Because of the fact it is winter how far north I am, it was also about 20 degrees (Fahrenheit) below zero.

But, because we only get a few hours of daylight during the winter, and because I have a need to stay active, during my lunch break I went for a walk anyway.

While out walking, I saw a group of 3 people bundled up and huddled around a grill that they were working on getting going outside of their building. As I walked by I said “that’s some dedication right there,” and kept walking.

About ten minutes later it occurred to me that the same could be said about me. I am dedicated to the concept of being healthier and happier to the point that before I stuff my face just about every work day, unless I have errands or it’s  windy (I’m a wuss when it comes to wind), I go for a walk. I don’t mean a stroll, I mean I walk as fast as I can go without running.

I’m determined to foster improvements in my life, but I don’t always see it as dedication, or something worth noting. It’s a necessary thing, which my brain slots into a different category, as it were.

I’m starting to realize that necessity or no, my determination to do the thing is still something valuable, something that I should appreciate.



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