Marrakesh Mint


Tea of the Day: Marrakesh Mint Green Tea by Mighty Leaf

Description: Smooth green tea leaves and refreshing mint come together for one decidedly cool cup of bright, invigorating brew.

Dry tea smells like spearmint candy, sweet and sharp

Liquor is a clear golden brown in the cup

Steeped tea without sugar does not taste as strong as it smells, it may benefit from a longer steeping time than the recommended time (3 minutes) but be careful not to have water that is too hot in that case. The tea is simply minty and is certainly a pallet cleanser, a good follow up to strong tea or coffee.

Tea Rating: 3/5

Warning: This post is going to be slightly less uplifting than the last one.

After the results of the Presidential election, I have felt (and am feeling a lot of things). I’m worried, and saddened, angry and determined. Bear with me.

To my fellow citizens of the United States of America:

We’re better than this. I don’t just mean who was elected to be president, I mean better than the darkness that caused this election in the first place.

It’s human nature to fear what we don’t know or understand. And when we’re afraid, it’s easier to lash out than to seek to learn or adapt to what we see. I get it.

It’s also incredibly frustrating to feel like you’re not being heard or considered. Trust me, I get that, too.

But here’s the thing: you’re not being heard because of the government we live under, not because of the minorities who are finally seeing steps towards truly having equal rights.

This applies across the board; our bureaucracy favors the rich, favors those in power staying in power.

Things need to change. In some ways, electing a non-politician was the right way to go, since it’s well past time to shake things up a bit. The problem is with the particular      non-politician that was chosen. Or, more specifically, with his words. Even if his campaign trail was a ploy to get votes, to get people riled up, he still made it ok to be hateful.

But I stand by what I’ve said: we’re better than this. We don’t have to do what the media tells us to do. We can choose to treat each other better. We can choose to pause when our first thought is to treat someone else like a stereotype  and then move forward with understanding rather than becoming a stereotype ourselves.

We can choose and we must. If we don’t, this country will fall apart sooner or later. And with the amount of anger flying around, that falling apart will very likely mean war.

No matter who you voted for we can all treat each other better. We can stop with the hate and the anger and learn from each other. We can heal this country before it comes to Civil War II. It will take time, and work, but it will be worth it.

I hope that we can all moved forward from these dark days.


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