Dosha Chai


Tea of the Day: Dasha Chai by Teavana

Description: An aromatic harmony equaled only by its extraordinary ingredients. Red rooibos melts into cinnamon sticks, ginger, whole cloves and rose blossoms. Heavenly vanilla balances toasted coconut and cardamom in this take on chai.

Dry tea smells slightly berry-like with coconut and sweet spiciness.

Liquor is a cloudy red brown in the cup

Steeped tea tastes sweet and spicy as one would expect but not fruity as the smell might suggest. As the tea cools it tastes something like mulled cider. This is definitely a tea that would do well with more tea in your bag or basket than you would think.

Tea Rating: 3.5/5

A couple of weeks back I missed a day of work because I had gotten to a point where I was exhausted enough that my body just didn’t want to deal. It was something like having the flu with the body aches and fuzzy brain, except without the energy to throw up. Or to do much of anything, really.

Yesterday, I found out that an ex that I haven’t spoken to or really thought of in years was visiting campus and happened to come by the office where I work.

Does it matter? Not really, but it got me thinking.

The last time we spoke I had moved past being angry and hurt or wanting to hurt him and had been looking to repair our relationship. Not to date him again, but to at least be friends because some of the qualities that made him someone I wanted to date also would make him a decent friend. He, however, did not (at least at that time) feel the same way. His response to my olive branch was polite but cold.

Now, several years later, I find myself wondering if the response would be the same.

Would he still be cold towards me? Would I care if he was?

I’m partially inclined to say that because I am even asking that question now I still care on some level. If I dig a little deeper, it feels like it’s more that he was a very important person to me once and having not had contact with him for song long seems very odd. Once you give your heart to someone a piece of it remains with them even after life has moved on.

This is all idle speculation, of course. The odds of running into him again are likely very small, and I’m not curious enough to email him or find him on social media.

Besides, the universe works in funny ways; maybe it was a blessing in disguise to not there on the day he came by.


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