Lavender Chunmee Green


Tea of the Day: Lavender Chunmee Green (personal blend)

Description: After having the lavender sencha green blend by the American Tea Room, I got to thinking that it’s a fairly simple blend if I could find the ingredients. My town has a health food store and carries a good selection of herbs, so I picked out a chunmee green and high quality lavender flowers.

Chunmee (or Chun Mee) is an ever popular tea with a bright flavor, light tangy sweetness, and a toasty warm clean finish, making it an excellent green tea during the day or night, with a nice well-rounded flavor and aftertaste.

Lavender flowers are good for relaxtion and rest while awake and better sleep when you’re not.It has also been used to soothe anxiety and upset stomachs.

Dry tea smells strongly of lavender (the blend is 4 parts green tea to 3/4 part lavender).

Liquor is a light almost amber yellow in the cup

Steeped tea retains the lavender scent, with a slight earthiness from the green tea. Because of the lavender, the tea needs little or no sugar. The tea has a very smooth mouthfeel that leaves a silkyness behind.

Tea Rating: 4.5/5

I think it is a good attempt but perhaps a little more green tea would be better. I also did not add any sugar, which does sometimes change the rating

Today, a response to the prompt “Maybe“.

“Maybe” is a word that is often reviled; not a yes or a no, but something dangling in between.

When I think of “maybe”, I think of waiting, and hoping and the anxiety of not knowing.

I think of chewed nails and lost sleep and a stomach all in knots.

But, there is also a positive aspect of “maybe” that can be missed.

When you first meet someone, there is a whole slew of maybes;


“Maybe this date will be amazing”

“Maybe I’ll get a second date”

“Maybe my family will love him/her”


“Maybe I’ll get to be friends with this awesome person”

“Maybe I’ll have regular company at lunch/the gym/at class”

“Maybe my pets (or children) will have a new cool auntie”

And as you get to know people better:

“Maybe I’ll get to see my favorite person today”

So there’s still a lot of waiting, and still some unknowns, but the right kind of maybe can be a fun, positive experience

The place where the sea kisses the sky is a beautiful beginning to a painful end.
― Vanshika Dhyani

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