Fujian Rain


Tea of the Day: Fujian rain by Adagio Teas

Description: Shui Xian, which translates to “Water Sprite,” is an oolong produced in a similar style to Wuyi Oolongs. Therefore they share some similar traits, such as peachy-honey notes and a mineral “rock taste.” This high-fired, medium grade version results in a rich tasting amber colored cup with the nuances of minerals, apricots and spice.

Dry tea smells grassy and sweet with a spicy apricot scent right behind

Liquor is a amber gold in the cup

Steeped tea smells more like apricots than the dry. It has a light flavor with a slightly spicy finish. It leaves behind a feeling/taste very similar to if you drink mineral water, smooth and almost metallic. Adding sugar makes the apricot taste stronger, making it a very unique oolong tea

Tea Rating: 4/5

Yesterday, I returned home after a vacation to visit my family.

It was a good trip; good to visit, but feels good to be home, too.

But when I got home, I felt restless.

I ran a couple errands, started laundry, cleaned a few things, thinking that being domestic would help (it usually does).

No dice.

So, I went for a walk.

As I was walking, my feelings sorted themselves out and into words.

I was feeling guilty.

Because, you see, while I was visiting, I didn’t miss my grandmother.

This is a lie, of course. Truthfully, I often think of her and wish that I could ask her advice and have her answer me in a way I could understand. I think she does answer me, it just takes a little time to filter into my conscious mind.

But, this visit, she wasn’t constantly on my mind. I didn’t expect to walk around the corner and see her, or to see her driving her little car down the road.

The weight of her absence was simultaneously  more real and less heavy than it’s ever been before.

I think this is how it’s supposed to go, but I felt like I had betrayed her somehow.

This is silly, of course, and the walk helped clear my head.

But I have to wonder: why do I sent up my mind/heart like a minefield waiting to explode?






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