Pure Green


Tea of the Day: Pure Green by the American Tea Room

Description: Pure Green is actually a blend of three different senchas, the standard steamed green tea of Japan. This blend creates a brew that is not only refreshingly healthy tasting, but a tea with nuance. At first, an aroma of fresh steamed maize and green corn husks hits you. With a taste, you notice the signature grassy flavor of steamed green teas. Then a light note of kelp is overwhelmed by a buttery, creamy flavor, reminiscent of rich corn chowder. The flavor stays with you, evolving with a light tannic bite to finish.

Dry tea smells lightly sweet with a little bit of a bite

Liquor is a bright yellow-green in the cup

Steeped tea smells very similar to the dry, but a bit more savory, like vegetable broth.  It has a sweet grassy flavor with a savory finish. Adding sugar brightens up the whole flavor

Tea Rating: 4/5

Today’s writing is based on the prompt Companion

Will you be my companion?

Before you answer, let it be known that this is a bigger thing than it probably sounds, and possibly smaller.

For one thing, one’s companion does not also have to be one’s lover.

However, it does require a level of intimacy not typically found outside of romantic relationships…or sadly, within them.

It’s being so comfortable with each other that there are no walls, no secrets, no lies (even little ones), nothing that is awkward between us, and no moments of judgment

We’ll fight (because you’re human) but even as you’re fighting, you’re forgiving each other, because you are each other’s safe space

We won’t always understand each other, but we’ll always be willing to try

We’ll be in each other’s corner, always, and on the occasions where you or I feel that the other is doing something silly or something that does not put us in the best light, we’ll let each other know, because that is support, too.

A balance between two people.


Will you be mine?


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