Citrus Kiss


Tea of the Day: Citrus Kiss by Good Earth

Description: You don’t have to kiss a lot of green frogs to get the lift you’re looking for. Citrus Kiss™ brings lemongrass and citrus flavors together to brighten up top notch green tea for an amazingly good taste invigoration. Kiss your new go-to green tea hello!

Dry tea smells light, sweet and lemony, with a lovely background of sweetness

Liquor is a super clear golden yellow in the cup

Steeped tea smells a bit sweeter than the dry, and tastes sweeter than I would have expected. It needs no sugar, and is very pleasant in flavor. Light and sweet without being overwhelming whatsoever.

Tea Rating: 5/5

Since I enjoyed writing from a prompt yesterday, doing so again.

Today’s prompt: Mountain

Do not worry about the mountain.

Worry instead, if you must worry at all, about the ground beneath your feet, the air you’re breathing, the flowers on the roadside.

If you’re going it alone, enjoy the solitude. Keep your eyes open, though, because there is likely someone you know tackling this journey, this mountain, as well.

If you have company as you move up your mountain, understand that while you may be walking together, the steps you walk are not exactly the same. It is ok to feel better, or worse or notice different things or remember things differently that your companion.

Your mountain is not about someone else.

If you’re trudging along and someone zips by you, do not worry. They are not better than you, or smarter, or any other such thing. They are on their own journey, and your mountain may not be such for anyone else.

You’re going to encounter situations where you are moving with ease and come across people who are not. Remember to be compassionate at these times. Remember what your mountain was like, or even is like and treat them as though they were you, in another time or another life. Walk with them for a time, if they’d like. Offer your experiences if they seem receptive, or just a should and understanding if they’d rather not talk.

In the end, this mountain is not the end of your life, and (if we’re all honest here) not the last you will climb, perhaps not even the largest.

So, do not worry about the mountain. Worry about the steps you are taking, and the mountain will worry about itself.


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