Ginger Green


Tea of the Day: Ginger Green by Tazo Tea

Description: Smooth green tea takes root in the fiery depths of ginger, yet runs lithely through the lemongrass. It pauses only to pluck the juiciest of pears from bowed branches (and to thank you for inviting us in to warm up your daydreams).

Dry tea smells sweet and tang-spicy

Liquor is a dark golden yellow in the cup

Steeped tea smells very similar to the dry, just a bit richer. The tea itself is not a strongly ginger flavored as it smells, which to me is a little disappointing. I do like the depth the pear flavor adds to the tea, however.

Tea rating: 3/5

Today I’m feeling quiet yet inspired, so I thought I’d try out writing in response to the Daily Post Prompt: Transformation.



Seen by most as a





This is,

after all,

part of the definition.


But what of how it is internally?

A caterpillar does not because a butterfly in one breath,

and no “overnight sensation” really became one in a single night.


The truth is this: transformation is work.

It’s hours and days and weeks of steps and changes

some bigger than others,

that eventually become something big


In the end,

a “transformation”

is only a “transformation”

to those it is not happening to.


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