China Green Tips


Tea of the Day: China Green Tips by Tazo

Description: Linger in the pure, steam-fired broth of this first-flush green tea, thinking clear, peaceful thoughts. Like watching mist rise off a thermal spring, hidden behind a wooded glen and accessible only by trampoline.

Dry tea smells light and savory, like a thin vegetable broth

Liquor is a bright golden yellow in the cup

Steeped tea continues to be veggie-like in flavor, but now with a hint of sweetness. To me, the tea lends itself too easy to bitterness and the clarity of the liquor is not reflected in the taste.

Tea Rating: 2.5/5

This blog is meant to be a safe haven of sorts; part diary part positive thinking and images I can share with others.

As such, I don’t typically spend much time talking about current events.

But there’s been something in the news lately that has caught my attention and I feel needs to be shared.

A letter the Stanford victim read to her attacker. Take a few minutes and read it. It’s long, and heavy and really cannot be rushed or skimmed over. Or, at least, it should not be.

Essentially, from my perspective, this issue keeps coming up because no amount of legislation is going to fix the underlying problem: a fundamental lack of respect for other people’s lives coupled with a sense that people (though in this case men/boys specifically) are not responsible for their own actions. With the right excuse, all can be forgiven or swept away.

This not just a problem that needs to be addressed by men; it is something that encompases all of us.

The solution, I think, is not some grand gesture made in the future, but rather little things done by each of us right now.

Every single person we meet during a given day is someone who deserves as much personal respect as we would want for ourselves or our loved ones, and we are responsible for how we treat them.

It’s not right for us to excuse ourselves when we act poorly because someone else acted poorly to us; that kind of thinking is what eventually leads to the attitude that being drunk is an excuse to rape someone.

Each and every one of us needs to lead by example, starting now. Treat other people like they are actually people, not just objects to be avoided or manipulated. This is important, because if we don’t start now, all of us, nothing will ever change and the Stanford story will keep repeating.

“I never meet a ragged boy in the street without feeling that i may owe him a salute, for I know not what possibilities may be buttoned up under his coat.” ― James A. Garfield



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