Gypsy Cold Care


Tea of the Day: Gypsy Cold care by Traditional Medicinals

Description: Elder, yarrow and peppermint—the foundation of this tea—are a classic European blend of herbs used for centuries. We love the aroma of the pungent, minty steam that rises off this tea. Sip slowly and let your weary body be comforted by its warming properties. Fragrant and soothing, it’s one of those teas that just seems to say, “don’t worry, everything’s going to be all right.”

Dry tea smells pungently minty, reminding me a bit of the vapor rub my grandmother used to put on my chest at bedtime when I was sick

Liquor is a light golden brown in the cup

Steeped tea is flavorful and soothing, and makes me at least feel like I can breathe a little easier

Adding honey makes the tea flavors stronger, but the overall drink smoother

Tea Rating: 4/5


Recently,  I noticed something.

When I am having trouble sleeping, I tend to lie there and imagine the future.

I  imagine big events coming up in my life, like the anniversary of my fiance and I getting together, or moving in together, or my college graduation (finally) or my wedding.

I also sometimes imagine how I’ll handle big events of the sadder variety happening, like the death of my dog and those kinds of things.

Obviously, none of my musings are going to be spot on, and they’ll change from night to night.

Tonight I sit awake because my heart is pounding in my chest hard enough to feel it in my throat.

Maybe it has something to do with my musings, like there are too many possibilities right now to settle comfortably on a line of thought.

Emotionally it was a good day and as far as I know everything else is well in hand, but here I sit.

It was my one year anniversary with my Love, which was fun and sweet as I’d hoped. We haven’t found the right place to move to yet but there is still time.

The only shadow, I suppose, is that I worry that living with me will somehow make him see that I’m the lucky one here and he’ll choose to walk away. I trust him, I don’t trust all of me.

I also think I owe my father an apology because he had to watch his me become a shadow of myself and there be absolutely nothing he could do about it. It’s better now but no parent wants that for their child, particularly not when they’re close like Daddy and I are. Although really, my mom and I are so much alike it was probably worse for her to see, since she could see herself in me. I want to hug them and apologize to them both.

Live and learn, as they say. They just never said the learning would be painful to your loved ones, too.


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