Pomegranate Grape Sencha


Tea of the day: Pomegranate Grape Sencha by The Whistling Kettle

Description: Yearning for something sweet and refreshing? In this case you’ll love this delectable composition. This mouthwatering blend contains a fine sencha base with pomegranate arils and fruity grapes.

Dry tea smells a bit like very sweet wine, the grape scent is made sharper by the pomegranate

Liquor is a light clear gold in the cup

Steeped tea still smells fruity, but the scents blend together better. Very light in flavor, with a refreshing fruity kick in the aftertaste. Adding a little sugar brings the fruit flavor to the foreground.

Tea Rating: 4.5/5


Write a love letter to your least favorite body part


Between the swell of my chest,

and the spread of my hips,

lies you, normally hidden from my sight

–save for when I contort to see you

or specifically look at you in a mirror


You are the core of me,

more so even than my heart,

the center of my breathing,

endlessly expanding and contracting,

waves upon the shore.


You hold my present,

sifting sustenance out of what I eat and drink.

You represent my future,

protecting my womb from the harm the world can do


You and I,

we’re tied together,

and together we change.

We may not always be pretty,


we’re always dependable.


And there you have it, a poem to the least favorite part of me. I think it’s not quite complete, but I can’t put my finger on what it’s lacking.




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