Assam CTC


Tea of the Day: Assam CTC by Sipping Streams

Description: This fine quality CTC tea is from lush green fields and is malty with some slight fruity notes. CTC teas are very popular in India where they are used in a preparation with aromatic spices to produce what we refer to as “chai”. However, even without the herbs and spices, it tastes delicious on its own or with sugar, milk or cream.

Liquor is a lovely chestnut brown in the cup.

Dry tea smells earthy and rich, but slightly sweet.

Steeped tea has a stronger earthy smell. The tea itself is rich, with an earthy aftertaste, which is not unexpected.  Adding sugar seems to deepen the flavor and lessen the sharpness of the aftertaste.

Tea Rating: 4/5


At my current job, I spend a large portion of the day talking, or listening to people talk.  There are breaks to read sometimes, and do paperwork, and think.

I feel like Rhett and Link from this video at times

But I digress.

With all the time I spend talking, I think it would be great to have the kind of voice people love to listen to. I get comments about how professional I sound, or sometimes that I sound like a recording, and that I’m helpful, and so on. In terms of my actual job performance, these are good things.

Still though, I wonder. What would it be like if my voice, just my normal speaking voice, were compelling? I imagine that it would cut down on arguments from people who call in, and make calls I have to make easier, since I would know I wasn’t annoying anyone. I know all to well that if the voice of the person speaking does not engage the ear, it really doesn’t matter how articulate the speaker is. I also like to think that I’d nail any interview, ever. I have marketable, useful skills…knowing that I sound amazing would make the nervousness thing much less apparent, if not make it go away all together.

Plus, if I had a voice that people loved to listen to, I’d be able to record myself reading poetry, putting them over videos of the words arranged in the most pleasing way possible, and not for a second have to worry that I was wasting anyone’s time.

What would it like to speak and always be heard?

Words are magic. They have the power to hurt and to heal, and even withholding them has the power to hurt and to heal. What else has as much potency in its absence and can do without doing? What I mean is, even when you don’t say anything, you are communicating as effectively as if you’d spoken.”  Jarod Kintz, This Book is Not FOR SALE




One thought on “Assam CTC

  1. Cathleen

    First off, another person who watches those guys! Second, after watching the video, what you wrote is reminiscent of their video and interesting and cute. That may not of been what you were going for, however, I have on occasion thought the sound of my voice sucks. But that’s me listening to it. When I hear a recording of my voice which, I’m told, is how it sounds to others, I think it doesn’t sound that bad. Actually, it sounds like a girl and pleasing to my ear. There is a reason, altho at the moment I don’t remember it, why it sounds different to me as I speak it. Now on the other hand, there is a women at one of the clinics I go to who has an awesome voice to me. It’s low and husky; not like most women at all. I told her how much I like the sound of her voice. She responded with, “Thank you, I’ve been told that before. Sometimes, tho, like over the phone, people think I am a man.” Which gives me pause to think she may not like the sound of her voice either. Here’s another thot. Because her voice is unusual to me, I’d like to be able to listen to it a lot. I found myself listening to the sound as she talked with other folks, but I did not listen to the words or what she was saying. So, it is possible one’s voice could be awesome to listen to, so much so, that what that voice is actually saying is lost. This reminds me of singers whose voice I love to listen to as they sing, but I don’t pay attention to the words. That happens because I can’t understand what the words are, but the sound of the voice makes up for that. The melody helps as well. Then there are times, that what is more important to me is the words being spoken, not the sound of the voice. I suppose if the tone of the voice was all monotone, that would be hard to listen to the sound and the words as well. A raspy voice may be hard to listen to because one would have to concentrate more to make out the words. Now, I have heard your voice in person and on the phone. You have a nice sounding voice and when you add the words of helping someone to the sound, you have a great thing going! You could record yourself reading poetry, putting them over videos of the words arranged in the most pleasing way possible, and not for a second have to worry that you were wasting anyone’s time. The only other thing to help you to do this would be to use expression in your voice according to what the words you’d be saying. You can do this!


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