Chocolate chai


Tea of the Day : Chocolate Chai by Adagio Teas

Description :  We’ve taken one of the world’s favorite indulgences – chocolate – and combined it with the exotic flavors and spices of Masala Chai to create the ultimate treat. Chocolate flavored Ceylon black tea blended with cardamom, ginger, cloves, cinnamon. Soothing spicy cocoa notes, zesty, warming quality and soft liquid chocolate texture.

Dry tea smells most strongly of cinnamon, with the chocolate coming through after

Liquor is an amber brown in the cup

Steeped tea smells very strong, but the smell does not translate to taste. Longer steep time than you would assume is needed. Tea has an earthy flavor to it. Sugar gives it more kick, but still more cinnamon than anything. Makes me think of French toast, which is an interesting plus

Tea Rating : 3.75/5


A letter my fiance…


My Love,

I think, sometimes, that you don’t quite understand why I thank you, why I give you watery eyes and snuggles over something that, to you, is quite simple.

I have tried to explain, but in the moment I am rarely articulate enough  to really explain. You smile and nod, but I can see that you don’t quite get it.

Today, I’d like to try again.

I first want you to understand that I know it might seem like I’m comparing you to my past relationships. I’m not, I promise.

I thank you so often, over things that seem small, because you are showing me love that is achingly familiar but has been (until now) out of reach. The love you show me is the kind of love my parents share. Their love has been the shining example to which I have set my experiences and have always longed for. They love each other with their whole selves, and so I have loved that way myself, ever hopeful that it would pay off.

With you, it has, in spades. It is more than I understood, or dared to dream.

You show me that you appreciate me, that I matter, when you worry when I don’t feel well, or when I’m grumpy or sad. You show me how much I mean to you when you’re hurt by something I said out of hangry (that’s angry because I’m hungry to those of you who are reading this and don’t use the term) that was sharper than I meant…but refuse to fight with me over it because you feel that in the end it’s a small thing and not worth damaging our relationship over. You show how much you respect me when you watch without comment when I get distracted by something that is just so striking that I have to stop and take a picture. You show the pride you have to be by my side when we go do things together and you’re silly with me, or when you suggest and event that I might not have thought of, or volunteer to go with me to something I’m interested in.

All of these things, plus a hundred or so other, everyday things, are the reasons why I appreciate you so much.

My biggest personal goal at this point is to never take you or any of the things you do for granted.

I love you.


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