African Nectar


Tea of the Day: African Nectar by Mighty Leaf Tea

Description: Sojourn to the fertile tropics with our African Nectar tea and savor the fruits of the “Alluring Continent.” Made with African Rooibos leaves, this Mighty Leaf signature blend is teeming with tropical fruit and blossoms. It promotes calm and relaxation.

Dry tea smells sweet like honey and fruity

Liquor is a pleasant amber brown in the cup

Steeped tea smells much the same as the dry, but also a bit like mead

Tea is lightly sweet and fruity, needing no sugar to make it taste better

Tea Rating: 5/5


Since the letter I wrote myself last week, I’ve added another good thing to my daily life.

I have accepted that I will not always want to go to the gym, and that life will sometimes get in the way of going in the evening for various reasons. I also know that a 30 minute yoga workout is really all I can expect of myself to tackle first thing in the morning

But I feel like I need to do something, regularly.

So, on Friday I decided that on work days that I know my evening is booked, I will walk at lunch. No mosey, but hoof it. There is a loop on campus where I work that is about 2 miles door to door, with hills for at least half of it. I can eat at my desk so I’m not cutting myself off from food by not eating during the noon break.

I really don’t know why I didn’t do this sooner.

I came back in a little cold and out of breath and feeling great. That break in the middle of my day to get up and move around really just helped me continue the day with energy and enthusiasm.

I may not do it every workday, because doing yoga in the morning and walking to work/home and hoofing it at lunch and going to the gym after might be a bit much, but I will certainly continue doing it more often.

Today, I raise my mug to making healthy progress.

“They called her witch because she knew how to heal herself.”
― Te’ V. Smith, Here We Are, Reflections of a God Gone Mad




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