Tea of the Day: Chamomile by Celestial Seasonings

Description: This calming herbal classic will captivate you with its rich golden color, delicate aroma and sweet floral taste. It’s a soothing antidote to life’s little complications.

Dry tea smells like, well, chamomile. It’s got that familiar herby sweet-sharp smell

Liquor is golden in the cup

As I believe I mentioned before, I am not the biggest fan of chamomile, it just doesn’t agree with me. That being said, I do like the herby flavor and light taste. This particular tea tastes like it would be great with honey and lemon.

Tea Rating: 2.5/5


As someone who has flirted with art for a long time, I spend a decent amount of time thinking about how you define art/what makes someone an artist.

When I say “flirting with art” I mean that I’ve always loved music and dance and sculpture and painting and well made movies and videos and beautiful writing and have been inspired by it, mostly to write poems and scenes from stories….but I’ve rarely thought: “oh hey I’m awesome at this”

Now, I’ve had a show, gotten good feedback  (largely positive) and had people express interest in my work beyond just looking at it and saying “oh hey that’s pretty.”

I’m still not sure that makes me an artist, but it certainly feels good

To me, an artist is someone who is so moved by the world around them that they are driven to create something. A song, a poem, a dance, painting, photograph, sculpture, a video, any and all of those things…and I’m sure I missed some form of expression.

Art doesn’t have to be appealing to be art. It can be raw and harsh (Think Picasso’s Guernica) or move you to tears, or even make you angry. The emotion it generates is the point, no matter what that emotion might be.

I guess that makes me an artist, so the next question is: what makes someone a good artist?

That’s something I don’t have a good handle on, and I rather doubt –though there are plenty of art critics who make their money off this–that anyone ever will.

Art is just too subjective, to have any hard-and-fast declaration of what is universally good or bad.

Eleanor was right. She never looked nice. She looked like art, and art wasn’t supposed to look nice; it was supposed to make you feel something.
― Rainbow Rowell, Eleanor & Park



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