Tea of the Day: Passion by Tazo tea

Description: Tart rose hips and citrusy lemongrass woo the voluptuous blooms of hibiscus flowers. An infusion that’s bursting with life and tinged with the color of true love to make sure you never have to live a day without passion.

Dry tea smells sweet and fruity with a slight tingly nip towards the end

Liquor is a bright purply-pink in the cup

Steeped tea smells more tangy that the dry

This tea is like a kick in the mouth in the best possible way. The flavor is intense, bursting in you mouth with every sip like biting into a very juicy fruit.

Adding a touch of sugar makes the flavor a little less intense

Tea Rating: 5/5

A letter to my angry self


I know you’re frustrated, and I even understand why. We had gotten ourselves to quite the lovely shape, and for once didn’t eyeball ourselves with criticism….in the last few months (since about the beginning of November) we were a combination of busy and lazy and have back slid.

So now when we look in the mirror, there is anger and disgust. At us, at the choices. And you’re right, we are responsible for where we are.

But you’re missing a few important things:

  1. Though we did back slide, we are not at the same point we were at before we began the journey to better health back in 2014. We have the energy to walk to and from work every day, and to interact socially outside of work and to create.
  2.  Our body is amazing. You may not see it when you focus on the fat around our midsection, but it is. We have good circulation so we don’t have to dress like the michelin man to be out in the cold. Our immune system is strong; halfway through cold and flu season and we’ve only been sick a few days, totally missing our normal mid-to-late November super sickness that has been the norm for so many years. Our hair, skin and nails are healthier than they’ve ever been before
  3. The most important thing we’re missing when getting angry about how we look is the huge level of progress in how we feel. We’re not stressed to the point of chewing the skin off our lips and breakouts and jagged nails and perpetually shadowed eyes. We’re saying “I can do that,” instead of “ohh, I don’t know” and moving forward. We’re finally about to graduate, and have progressed in self-confidence enough to really establish ourselves as a photographer, to the point of putting our work out there for all the world to see. And maybe most importantly, we’re truly vulnerable to another person, right down to the nightmares and the morning puffy face and the hopes and the dreams and flights of fancy, in a way we had not been for a long time

So yes, we lost some progress with our physical self, through our own actions and inactions. But that’s the thing about life, if there’s no work involved you’re not really living.

There is no shame in focusing on what’s going on inside more than what others can see, since it’s the mind that drives everything else.

Besides, we’ve shaped up physically before, so we know it is a totally doable and reasonable thing.

Stop being so hard on us; we have so much to be proud of.

I love you.



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