Pu Erh Tahiti


Tea of the day: Pu Erh Tahiti by Adagio Teas

Description: Decadent coconut, the fruity mystique of papaya and the soft earthiness of pu erh come together for an exotic experience not unlike a walk on the black sand beaches of its namesake. Tropical fruit notes and hints of mineral evoke thoughts of Pacific breezes and rainforest hikes.

Dry tea is earthy and sweet with a richness that makes me think of the ground after a warm rain

Liquor is a dark red-brown in the cup

Steeped tea has a stronger earthy scent to it, pungent and lingering.

The first taste of the tea is fruity, followed closely by coconut, with an earthy full finish

Adding sugar makes the tea more fruity, the earthy happening mostly in the aftertaste.

Tea Rating: 4.5/5


Today, some musings on the things people do for love.

Some good, some bad, some just funny.

When I say “good” and “bad” I don’t mean earth-shattering movie-worthy good or bad, I mean the everyday kind of good and bad. The kind that may not have any effects beyond you or the people closest to you.

I have a few examples of what I mean, though I freely admit that I have very likely not experienced the full range of incidents of love. But then, can anyone truly say that they have?


Good things done in the name of love:

  • picking out the perfect gift for someone just to see their face light up when they get it
  • buying something when out getting groceries that you yourself are not fond of because you know your significant other does
  •  going out and starting your love’s car when it’s cold so they don’t have to
  • answering the phone in the middle of the night when a loved one calls, or calling them yourself when their messages seem off, just to check up

And bigger things:

  • staying home when your Mate is sick to take care of them
  • being a hero to your loved ones, even if it just means bringing them a coffee when they’re having a shitty day, just being right that in their corner no matter what (both a small and a big thing)


Now that we’re feeling good and smiling, some of the bad things that people do in the name of love:

  • pick fights (to try to get attention)
  • try to be a part of every aspect of their lives (to the point where the other person has no time to themselves)
  • stalking behavior (constant checks on where they are who they’re with, etc)
  • lying

And a bigger thing, maybe the biggest bad anyone ever does for love outside of murder or abuse:

  • changing who you are as a person. I don’t mean the normal changes like picking up after yourself better or participating in new activities, or other things that make your life with your love happier and easier—these things are normal, and healthy. I mean people who know you not recognizing anything about you kind of changes, particularly the kind that leave you isolated from anyone outside your significant other. We all know someone who has done this and I’ll admit (with a lot of head shaking and a little shame) that I have done so myself. Good rule of thumb for knowing if you’ve gone to far: do you know who you are or are you looking at a stranger in the mirror?


With that sad and serious note, some funny things people do

  • asking their friends for advice. It makes sense, but sometimes the results of help from well-meaning friends can be disastrous.
  • online dating. the concept itself is fodder for so many jokes and people who have tried it often have twice as many funny stories as they have dates to show for it
  • activities we have no interest/experience in…particularly when we try to pretend that we are totally into it
  • One funny/sad/weird story of my own: A guy I dated and changed most of myself for preferred long hair on women and thought that dying it was pointless…so for love of myself I dyed my hair red and kept it short until after we broke up. The best part? I didn’t realize I’d done it as a measure of keeping part of myself/ a way to get back at him until much later, when I realized that I missed having long hair

“Love and truth must be maintained in perfect balance. Truth is never to be abandoned in the name of love. But love is not to be deposed in the name of truth…Truth without love has no decency; it’s just brutality. On the other hand, love without truth has no character; it’s just hypocrisy.”
John MacArthur




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