Thai Chai


Tea of the Day: Thai chai by Adagio Teas

Description: Creamy sweet coconut and playfully floral lemongrass highlight this succulent black tea chai blend. Let the aroma draw you in and you’ll swear, you hear it beckoning to come closer, just take a sip

Dry tea smells both sweet and savory, the coconut blending with lemongrass to make me think of curry

Liquor is an orange-amber brown in the cup

Steeped tea smells a little more sharp. Tea before sugar tastes like very mild coconut curry: savory and bright with a little spice to it, with coconut adding sweetness. It tastes even better with sugar, transforming into a dessert rather than an entree

Tea Rating: 4/5


I recently started reading a non-fiction book, by choice as part of a book challenge I picked up (the two books I have reviewed in the last week were also part of that). The category this particular book falls in for me is “A book that I own but have never read”

The book is called The Chalice and The Blade: Our Past, Our Future by Riane Eisler

Book blurb:

The legacy of the sacred feminine

The Chalice and the Blade tells a new story of our cultural origins. It shows that warfare and the war of the sexes are neither divinely nor biologically ordained. It provides verification that a better future is possible—and is in fact firmly rooted in the haunting dramas of what happened in our past.


I chose this particular book because it was one that my grandmother owned. I picked it up when I was helping my family sort through her things after she passed because the title caught my eye. I could also tell that it had been read more than once by the creasing in the spine, the slightly warped pages and remnants of old coffee stains on the bottom edge of the pages. I chose it because it felt the most like her, although I was not ready to read it at the time.

It is coming up on two years now since she left this world, and with all the changes happening in my life, I’m very aware that she’s not here to share in them with me. Seeking connection, I decided to start on this book next, out of all the ones on my list to read.

I’m very glad I did.

She annotated it; underlined things she felt was important, circled other things, wrote notes in the margins. Reading this particular copy of this book is like sitting down with her and talking with her about it, following along her journey and making my own way at the same time.

I’ll likely do a review of the book later, but for now I’m content to take my time in reading it and sharing with Gran, even now.




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