Tea of the day: Grapefruit Black Tea by Adagio Teas

Description: A wake up call to the senses! Our Grapefruit tea is invigorating both in scent as well as taste. This blend of tangy, full Ceylon black tea and grapefruit is fantastic choice for a morning cup, or any time you need a citrus-infused pick-me-up.

Dry tea smells like slightly fermented grapefruit–not rotted, but rich and tangy

Liquor is a red-brown in the cup

Steeped tea has a stronger tang to it

Before sugar, tea is bracing and bright, with grapefruit showing up most in the aftertaste.

Adding sugar helps the grapefruit shine

Tea rating: 3.5/5


Today, January 12, is the first annual National Hot Tea Day (for those of us that live in the USA)

As far as I’m concerned, of course, just about every day is hot tea day but it’s fun to feel like I’m celebrating something.

I also learned something I did not know we have a Tea Association of the U.S.A as well as a Tea Council.

It has apparently been around since 1950 and was established “as a partnership between tea packers, importers, brokers and allied industries within the United States, as well as tea producers in India, Indonesia, and Sri Lanka. In recent years Kenya & Malawi have become full members of the Tea Council.”

Here’s their website if you’d like more information: 

I think it’s pretty neat that there’s an organization specifically to support and promote tea in this country, particularly because there’s so much tea out there and it’s a healthier alternative to a lot of popular drinks (provided you don’t drown it in sugar, of course)

I personally feel that if all we ever drank was water and tea, we’d be the healthiest people you’ve ever seen.

Tea on!



If man has no tea in him, he is incapable of understanding truth and beauty.” Japanese Proverb



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