Tea of the Day: Peach Black Tea by Adagio Tea

Description: In the famous poem ‘The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock’, T.S. Eliot wrote, ‘Do I dare to eat a peach?’ The literary-minded folks at Adagio have taken it upon themselves to provide Mr. Eliot with an answer: why not just steep a cup of our bright Ceylon black tea flavored with sweet peaches? Delightful peach-nectar fragrance, lingering floral aromas as you sip, pleasant astringency and ‘peach fuzz’ dryness. Simply peachy…

Dry tea smells like you would expect from the name of the tea: peaches, ripe, warm and juicy

Liquor is a dark red-brown in the cup

Steeped tea retains it’s peachy smell but is now a little richer

Before adding sugar, the tea is first a robust black tea with peach flavor most apparent in the aftertaste.

When you add a little sugar, the tea lives up to its name and description and becomes much more drinkable. With it’s strong flavor, it would be a good morning coffee replacement

Tea Rating: 4.5/5


Day 11: Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve is probably my favorite day of the year.

There’s just something about it, most of the work of the holidays is done (if only for the moment), you’ve traveled to your destination if you are traveling, the house is tidy before the explosion of wrapping paper and packing peanuts, and there’s a feeling of anticipation (but for once without dread) in the air.

Plus, it’s my parents anniversary, which to me makes this day romantic on top of everything else.

It’s pretty much the best Christmas love story that you can think of: two people, young and in love, one about to deploy, and she proposes to him so that they don’t have to be apart. Small wedding, but two of the happiest faces you’ve ever seen.

And 28 years later, they’re still together, still in love, and still happy.

So tonight I wish all of you some peace, a little bit of sweet anticipation, and a cozy moment with the ones you love most



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