Tea of the Day: Pu-erh by Sipping Streams

Description: If you are looking for an unusual, trendy and health focused tea, look no farther than Pu-erh (pronounced poo-er in Mandarin or bo-lay cha in Cantonese).Pu-erh is typically aged at least one to four years before it is ready to drink. In some cases, Pu-erh can be aged for fifty or more years before consumption! Pu-erh has a strong, clean flavor with sweet undertones. It is often compared to the smell of fall leaves in a colorful pile. When you make Pu-erh tea, you can usually brew it a lot longer and stronger than other teas. This is due to the fact that Pu-erh has a long fermentation and oxidation period when it is being processed

I love Pu-erh before even tasting it because it’s like unwrapping a little gift every time, because for the varieties I’ve had,  each little tea cake is individually wrapped

Dry tea smells earthy and a little nutty

Liquor is a very dark brown in the cup, like liquid chocolate except you can see the bottom of the cup through it.

Steeped tea retains its earthy smell.

First thought is that this is the smoothest tea I’ve ever had.

It’s grassy and sweet, with an undertone of something rich, and it leaves behind a surprisingly refreshing flavor. It almost reminds me of freshly cooked pasta

Adding a little sugar changes the taste to something like a cross between coffee with cream and Mexican chocolate.

Tea Rating: 5/5


Day 10: Some alternative Christmas trees, if you’ve been putting off putting up your tree.

The simple one:


I’d add some color, personally, but there’s something very peaceful about this design.


Some hanging ones:


All I can imagine is the hopeless tangle of all the strings, but I love the way it looks.


One for all the bookworms:


I have to admit I do cringe at the state of those book spines, but maybe this would be a good use for all those old textbooks that you hate?


And finally, one to bring back some nostalgia:


Dr. Seuss, anyone?


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