Rooibos solstice


Tea of the Day : Rooibos Solstice by Summit Spice and Tea

Description : Another bright, slightly sweet house blend of vanilla and orange with a hint of peppermint

Dry tea smells like an orange creamsicle

Liquor is a lovely red-amber in the cup

Steeped tea smells much like the dry, except you can smell the peppermint, just slightly.

Tea is sweetly citrusy, the vanilla making it taste more like a desert than a tea

Adding sugar brings out the mint a little more, but also helps to further blend the flavors

Tea Rating :4/5


Day 9: The Winter Solstice

We’ve survived the longest night.

(Apologies if you’re reading this from the southern hemisphere and just finished your longest day. Come back to this in June :p)

This isn’t such a big deal now, but not so very long ago it was a scary thing. People would pray or party the while night through, throwing light out into the world in a hopeful imitation of the sun, and rejoice at sunrise that next day.

To me, the Winter solstice is a great metaphor for our lives. We will see the light again, live through our dark times, if only we just believe. If we hold on, throw our light into the dark, we will see the dawn.

A particular phrase comes to mind when I think of this: “it’s always darkest before the dawn.”

From personal experience I can say that though that phrase may be cliche, it rings true. For the slide into dark was gradual, but the day things started to get better blazes like the sun, forever branded into my memory.

So wherever you are today, have hope. For the future, for yourself, for the people you love. It’s not a childish or silly thing, but rather something we need to keep on going when life gets hard.


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