Guava Ginseng


Tea of the Day: Guava Ginseng Green Tea by Hawaiian Islands Tea Company

Description:A tea that has it all! The healthy benefits of antioxidant rich green tea, fortified with Panax Ginseng and further boosted with exquisite tropical Guava. An aromatic and smooth way to enjoy a cup of tropical tea.

Dry tea smells intensely fruity, makes me think “tropical,” for sure. Keeps the smell after steeping

Liquor is a golden honey color in the cup

Steeped tea is sweet and tropical, a light and refreshing cup

Tea Rating: 3/5


A friend of mine shared this quote, and it’s been knocking about in my head since, because it shone a light on a truth I knew without having the words to say it.

There have been times that I could not function because everything I was feeling at that moment overwhelmed everything and essentially paralyzed me.

I have envied people who don’t  care about much of anything, while simultaneously cursing them for their indifference

It’s not always easy, to feel this way.

There was even a time when the crushing weight of how I felt made me feel so alone I was suicidal.

But, honestly, I wouldn’t change it for the world.

I would not be surprised if I’ve talked about this before, or something similar, because it’s often quite important to me.

This is because of one pretty simply but utterly important fact: there is a good side of intense, highs that outweigh the lows

I fully participate in life.

Love deeply.

Laugh so hard I cry.

Feel wonder at the beauty of the world, and joy at those little things that make life so good.

You can’t selectively numb.

If I lost the pain, I’d lose the joy, too.

Not something I’m willing to give up, and I hope that never changes.





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