Black Cherry Berry


Tea of the Day: Black Cherry Berry by Celestial Seasonings

Description: Reminiscent of nostalgic fruit punch, this tea combines a burst of cherry and berry flavors with tart, ruby-red hibiscus and other herbs

As soon as you open the package, a delicious sweet, juicy cherry smell

Liquor is a deep cherry red in the cup

The tea tastes just like it smells, like sweet juicy cherries. It needs no sugar, and tastes like it would be great chilled with some amaretto

Tea Rating: 4.5/5 (because they used hibiscus for the color and you can tell a bit in the flavor)

The mind/heart connection is a funny thing at times.

We like to think that we have some control with our brains over what our heart does, or at least know what the heck is going on with it.

But, a lot of the time, we just don’t, and we know this.

There is a plethora of artwork that attempts to address this issue: books, movies, music, paintings…every artist has addressed it in some form or fashion at least once during their career.

In truth, one of the central issues we as humans face is just understanding our own heart and what we truly need and/or want.

Sometimes it’s a good thing to suddenly be made aware that your heart is sneakily doing things behind the scenes…and sometimes, not so much.

Yesterday, I had one of those good moments.

My Mate and I were discussing an aspect of a T.V. show we watch together and I said casually said something that I didn’t think I was ready to say or he was ready to hear.

Funniest part: I didn’t even entirely realize what I’d said until I caught him staring at me.

He didn’t have words to describe what was on his mind at the time (words are more my thing than his), but we snuggled up closer and it was a good night

“The heart has its reasons which reason knows not.”
― Blaise Pascal


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