Moroccan Mint


Tea of the Day: Moroccan Mint by Stash Tea

Description: A delightful and exotic blend of green tea and mints, with a hint of lemon. China Young Hyson green tea, spearmint and peppermint from Oregon, and freshly cut lemongrass are combined for a fragrant, refreshing and aromatic Moroccan Mint green tea.

Dry tea smells like wintergreen candies, making me think of childhood memories of sneaking mints from candy dishes

Liquor is a warm honey-brown in the cup

Tea smells just as minty when steeped, and tastes like it smells but not anywhere near as sweet. Adding sugar just makes it more minty and taste a little bit more like the candy it smells like, but not cloyingly sweet.

Tea Rating: 4/5

I went into yesterday’s workshop not knowing what the expect, thinking perhaps that it would be a little silly, but willing to give it my full attention anyway—it was a work function, after all, so why not focus on it like I would normal work?

I came out crying.

The speaker was real, using language that we all do, everyday.  At one point when she was speaking about strategies we use, cycles we go through when trying manage pain, she actually said “what the fuck is wrong with me?!?” to illustrate the point of self-criticism and self-hate so many of us get to when we try to come to terms with getting pain no matter what we do to not get pain.

She used examples from her own life, open and vulnerable for all of us to see and hear. But even in that context she came from a place of compassion, not just for herself, but all of us in the room, recognizing that we were just like her. There was no sense of master/teacher…just a friend talking to us

She said a number of things that I have hope to take with me forward from here, but for all of you I’ll just relate the ones that stuck out the most to me

She told us that she had a teacher who once said something to the effect of “if you need people in your life to be something other than what they are or if you’re trying to be something other than what you are to be happy, then your spiritual life is pretty shallow”

She said that the surest path to pain is to run from it and that, conversely, you can’t find happiness by chasing it. Pain adds depth to the human experience.

Wellness is not the absence of illness, or the absence of symptoms of unhappiness, it’s connection

In reality, all of our needs and wants and often frustrations come down to the desire to connect and the fear of doing so, the fear of truly being vulnerable with another person

She also pointed out to us that frustration also comes from not keeping healthy boundaries, and that the biggest violators of our healthy boundaries are ourselves. We need to soften on the outside, allow our world to expand, allow experiences–yes, pain as well as pleasure–to actually happen to us, living in the moment the way our pets and children do

The thing that struck me the absolute most, that had me crying as I tried to express how much I appreciated it (and even now as I write about it) was this:

You are not unbroken, you are just unfinished. And to be unfinished is to be alive.

At the end, I got a hug, and she looked directly into my eyes and told me “who you are is enough”

What a blessing.

What a blessed day.

Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life” — Omar Khayyam


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