Cinnamon Toast


Tea of the Day: Cinnamon Toast Black Tea (HiCAF) by Republic of Tea

Description: Each sip of this tea envelops the senses in swirls of cinnamon and sugar. With the flavor and aroma of that favorite breakfast treat, this enlivening tea will say good morning with its sweet, full-bodied goodness. Great with a splash of milk.

Smells just like you’d think, like cinnamon sugar, with a hint of brown toast

Liquor is a dark chestnut brown in the cup

Smells even more like toast when steeped.

Sweet and smooth, but not cloying and the cinnamon is not overpowering. Very pleasant and easy to drink.

Tea Rating: 4/5

Today, some musing on superstitions.

More specifically, about talismans.

Even the most pragmatic person you know has something that they wear or use every day, without fail

Every person you know has at least one thing that they’ll say they feel naked without

These little things are holdovers from more ignorant and superstitious times, but they do serve an important purpose.

They make us feel safe.

These little things make it so we can face an uncertain world with at least the appearance of aplomb, rather than cowering in fear or never coming out of our homes as many of us want to.

We keep our talismans because they’re useful and socially acceptable. Great combination, no?

Though I cannot flee
From the world of corruption,
I can prepare tea
With water from a mountain stream
And put my heart to rest.
~Ueda Akinari


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