Strawberry Lychee


Tea of The Day: Strawberry Lychee by Hawaiian Islands Tea Company

Description: Strawberry is widely appreciated for its appetizing bright red color, special flavor and appealing aroma. Combine this with the mellow sweetness of Lychee fruit, considered a supreme delicacy by China’s Emperors for more than 2000 years, and you get one of our more popular tropical teas.

Smells very sweet and strongly of strawberry, like a strawberry candy, when dry

Steeped tea smells fruity but less candy-like

Liquor is a clear light brown in the cup

Tea is light and fruity. Easy to drink and refreshing, does not need to be sweetened

Tea Rating: 3.5/5

This past weekend, I took the 6 hour drive from my home to where my family and one of my best friends live.

It was an uneventful and very pretty drive both ways, much like when I went in July, but with one important difference.

I traveled alone.

This doesn’t usually make a difference. I like to drive, it can help me clear my head, and 12 + hours in a car by myself gives me lots of time to think about things that normally get pushed aside.

As an example, at one point during the trip I heard a song that brought forth a gut-punch realization and the depth of it just had me crying. Believe it or not, sometimes it’s nice to let out that kind of emotion without having to explain myself or reassure anyone that I am actually just fine. Plus it allowed me to communicate something important to my other half that I had previously been unable to find the words for.

So, I still enjoyed the drive.

But now that I’ve actually traveled with my significant other, I find that travelling without him just feels…off. I was a lot more drained from the driving, and significantly more impatient to be done with it. Plus, while I was away I woke up tangled in the sheets of my borrowed bed and sore in a way that I’d never been before, like I spent the whole night looking for something (or someone).

I’ve always tended to like to be physically close to the person I’m dating, but I’ve needed my own space and time to myself too.

Now it seems that I don’t need the space, or at least not in the same way. At this point, I’m quite content to do my own thing while he’s there, whereas in the past just having another person in the room while I was doing something just irritated me beyond all reason.

I have to say, all these changes blow my mind, but I really enjoy being a part of them

“[Tea] is a beverage which not only quenches thirst, but dissipates sorrow.” ~Chang loo, c.828


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