Roasted Yerba Mate


Tea of the Day: Organic Roasted Yerba Mate by Sipping Streams

Description: This wild plant that grows in South America was first cultivated and sold by the natives with help from the Jesuits. After the Jesuits were expelled from Paraguay, commercial cultivation was lost for over a hundred years. The roasted yerba maté is a great alternative to coffee.

Dry tea smells like curry powder and pepper together, or maybe cumin, savory plus spicy

Liquor is a golden brown in the cup

Tea has a similar spicy smell when steeped, but with some sweetness as well.

Tea is lightly sweet and full bodied, though it does leave behind a somewhat dry mouthfeel

Adding sugar reduces the dryness, and makes the tea more savory in flavor

Tea Rating: 4/5

It’s hard to miss people. That slight pull in the back of your mind that says that something isn’t quite right followed by the realization that it’s not wrong, either.

People drift apart. Maybe now more than ever when it’s so easy to get in touch, so easy to say “I’ll send them a message later”

It’s not always that simple, though. Sometimes you’re going to send that message and the person on the other side isn’t the same. Or maybe it’s you who’s changed. Whatever the case, there’s a disconnect now and maybe you’ll be lonelier than you were before you tried.

So don’t wait. You miss someone’s company, say so. Even if you see their news feed every day, say so. Chances are, they miss you too, and that one small admission will bridge the gap.


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