Alpine Licorice


Tea of the Day: Alpine Licorice by Summit Spice and Tea

Description: This spicy blend has a sweet aftertaste and is especially nice on a sore throat with a bit of honey

Dry tea smells like black licorice candy

Liquor is golden yellow in the cup

The tea is sweet and tastes like licorice but has a bitter aftertaste that is smoothed out by sweetening it, but not by much

Tea Rating: 2.5/5

If it wasn’t already apparent, I am a nerd.

I play magic, and a couple of online games, and get deeply involved in a number of books and a few TV shows. I get excited over new discoveries about the universe around us and happily spend time talking about biology and anatomy and the strange and weird stuff nature does, and learning something new is something I find fun (i.e., I read non-fiction books for fun).

I also play Dungeons and Dragons (A.K.A D’n’D)

For those of you who don’t know what that is beyond that it’s obviously a game, I’ll do my best to explain:

It’s a tabletop roleplaying game. This means that you create a character within certain peramaters established by a combination of the makers of the game and the host of your particular game.

The host of your game is called a Dungeon Master (DM), and he or she creates a story framework for you and your companions to play in. Most often, you’ll have some sort of physical representation of your character (such as a minature, or a die, or a flat marble)  to place on (usually) a map that represents where you are in the world. The rest is up to the ability of yourself, your party members and your DM to describe what you’re seeing or doing and your imagination to flesh out the details in your mind. I often think of it like being an active participant in one of your favorite fantasy novels.

[If you’d like more information go here:]

D’n’D, to me, is one of the best ways to explore and expand your storytelling skills and it’s a blast to do. Even when things go “wrong”  you can still have fun and do goofy voices or whatever you think you need to to help the story come alive

How many “non nerdy” activities are always that much fun? Not many, not many at all.

“If I, the boiling water,
And you, the tea;
Then your fragrance
Has to depend solely upon my plainness….
I have to be hot, even boiled
Before we consume each other....”
~Dominic Cheung (Chang Ts’o), Drifting


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