Rooibos Earl Grey


Tea of the Day: Rooibos Earl Grey by Summit Spice and Tea

Description: Rooibos with bergamont has all of the flavor of classic Earl Grey, but no caffeine

Smells citrusy and rich and slightly peppery

Liquor is a deep red-brown in the cup

Steeped tea still smells citrusy but now pepper is stronger in smell and taste. Bergamont is more apparent in the aftertaste

Sugar makes the citrus stand out more, so it tastes more like a regular Earl Grey Tea

Tea Rating: 3/5

Warning: Today’s post is a bit of a rant.

Not the foaming-at-the-mouth-in-a-rage kind, but a rant nonetheless

It’s about body-image expectations, for men and women alike

Magazines, unless you’re reading a news magazine like Time or Newsweek, constantly send us images of how we are meant to look, and let’s face it, most of us are never going to measure up to that.

Even magazines that are not aimed at fashion or celebrity gossip (such as Shape, Men’s Health, Women’s Health, etc) talk about the best way to loose weight or shed fat, and the adds within are often for weight loss or diet pills, or supplements that supposedly boost your metabolism.

Every now and then you’ll get an article about an average person’s success story…usually focused on how much weight they’ve lost, or muscle they’ve gained.

This is all well and fine, it’s good to be aware that excess weight can cause health problems, but I do feel like the focus is a little off.

Why not be focused on what makes you healthy? At 5 foot 6 and around 165 pounds, I’m probably a bit overweight, and I’ll admit that I have my “oh-my-gah-I-hate-my-belly” days….but stepping outside of my insecurties a moment, look at everything I can do! I can go hiking and not feel like I’m going to fall apart halfway through (or even the next day), take my dog for long walks, run up stairs without being winded, do yardwork and clean the house, go to the gym and still have energy to spare afterwords, and so on. Plus, I walk to and from work everyday, about a mile or so each way. So, I don’t have a Jillian Michaels body, but I can do everything I want to do with my life

I really think that the conversation should be more focused on what you can do to be able to do the things you want, or on ways to win the battle with your personal insecurities, so that you can happy and healthy for the whole of your life, not just thin or cut but angry because you’re really just craving a good burger for the next two months until you just give up on it.

Let’s not crash diet or starve ourselves, but make healthier choices every day: water instead of soda, apples instead of chips, not going back for thirds, packing our lunch instead of grabbing something quick from the local cafe or burger joint

I heard someone say once that everyone has a skinny person inside, just waiting to come out…I argue that the truth is that we each have a healthy, happy, person inside–just waiting for us to be comfortable enough with ourselves and understanding of the fact that healthy isn’t going to look the same for all of us, and certainly not like the magazines

“He’d never in his life been so hungry and tired. What wouldn’t he give for a simple mug of tea and a humble fried egg sandwich? ” ~Jacqueline Kelly, Return to the Willows


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