Thai Tea


Tea of the Day: Thai Tea by Summit Spice and Tea

Description: This is our version of the traditional blend, and is delicious hot or iced, black and with cream and sugar

Dry tea smells sweet and spicy, slightly of licorice

Liquor is a reddish caramel color in the cup

Tea has a similar spicy/licorice smell, but with a bit more spice

Tea tastes like it smells, sweet and spicy, with a woodsy tone, both with and without sugar. Sugar does bring up the licorice hint, though

Adding milk makes it smooth and creamy, tastes sweet with warmth that feels like reading a book in the comfiest of chairs

Tea Rating: 4/5

Today just some thoughts about what makes a good job a good job:

Pay and benefits: Obviously, if you are paid well for the job you do, and have benefits that make you feel valued— paid time off, sick leave, retirement fund (this one is a bigger deal than most people realize), health insurance, holiday pay and/or holidays off— then you are more likely to like your job and stay where you are

Hours/schedule: Good pay means very little if you never have the time to enjoy it. A good schedule has consistent days off (same days every week, and together), plus sufficient days off (as in more than one once in a blue moon). People do burn out, and a crazy schedule will often send people looking for another job, even a job with lower pay, just to get a better schedule

Work Environment: This one, sadly, is pretty much impossible to know before you work for a company. It is, more often than not, the deciding factor on whether you stay with a company long-term or seek employment elsewhere. Simply put, this is how you feel about going to work and how you feel when you leave. A work environment is good when you look forward to being at work, when you enjoy your coworkers, feel like you’re valued and appreciated for the work you do, and are still able to stomach the idea of going places after work. A few days (hello, Mondays) where you don’t want to get out of bed in the morning, doesn’t mean a bad work environment…but if you dread the sight of your workplace, it might be time to reconsider where you work.

Those are some general thoughts on what makes a good job a good job, but over the time I’ve spent working, I’ve noticed a few more.

First of all, location is important. When you get your lunch break, are you located somewhere where you can leave you office/workplace during lunch without feeling stress about getting back on time? If not, is the break room pleasant to be in?

One of my personal favorite things about where I currently work is that I can walk to work, and that my walk takes me past trees and flowers and well-maintained landscaping. Part of that is where I live, but if I drove, the drive would be equally nice (minus rush hour traffic, of course)

Another thing can be overlooked when you get a new job is responsibility. Too little, you’re going to be bored and inattentive to the job at hand. Too much, and you’ll feel frazzled or frustrated and unappreciated. Best case senario is having times where you are busy and times where you are less so, for an overall feeling of your day moving along while also still feeling like you’ve accomplished something

So, that said, do you have a good job? If you do, does it sound like what I’ve laid out, or are there other criteria you use to define a “good job”?

The cup of tea on arrival at a country house is a thing which, as a rule, I particularly enjoy. I like the crackling logs, the shaded lights, the scent of buttered toast, the general atmosphere of leisured coziness.” ~P.G. Wodehouse


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