Tea of the Day: Lavender-Tulsi

Description: A soothing organic tea blends leaves from the tulsi plant, which has been revered in India for more than 5,000 years for its healing properties. Gentle lavender adds its special aroma to create a tea that fosters a sense of calmness and serenity

Has a sharp, herby smell, nose tingly with a hint of mintyness

Steeped tea smells the same

Liquor is a clear chestnut brown in the cup

Herby yet light in flavor, sweet aftertaste. Adding sugar makes the flavor a little stronger, but adds astringency to the aftertaste. Better without sugar

Tea Rating: 3.5/5

Today, the image in my head is of an old witch teaching a young one, just starting to notice that the world is not as simple as her young mind would have it be

I slept in last nights clothes and tomorrow’s dreams/ but they’re not quite what they seem,” the little girl sang as she skipped around her teacher’s house, her long twin braids swinging back and forth behind her, leaving shimmering trails in the air

“Nothin’ ever is, child”

She heard the voice, and stopped short. There was no one in sight and no sound of another person, just the bees and the birds that so loved Mrs Mera’s garden. It was the best garden in town, a riot of colors mixed with practicality, since Mrs Mera grew fruits and vegetables right alongside the most beautiful flowers you could imagine. Mrs Mera was also the wisest witch in the city, and anytime she took in a new student, the whole community sat up and took notice

The little girl, Mina, only knew that she had always loved the garden, and had been learning how to grow one of her own from Mrs. Mera as long as she could remember. It was only recently that her lessons had taken a more serious turn

Right now, she was feeling slightly alarmed, wondering if this was a test

“What do you mean?” She asked, sitting down on the wooden bench at the entrance to the garden, hands crossed in her lap, head swiveling around, trying to figure out how she could her Mrs Mera but not see her.

“Your mind tries to make the world around you make sense, makes you miss things that are right in front of you” Mrs Mera said, from the bench right next to Mina

Mina squeaked and jumped, and only Mrs. Mera’s quick reflexes saved Mina from falling off the bench into the dirt.

I know very well that I am in a minority here. But still, how can you call yourself a true tea-lover if you destroy the flavour of your tea by putting sugar in it? It would be equally reasonable to put pepper or salt. Tea is meant to be bitter, just as beer is meant to be bitter. If you sweeten it, you are no longer tasting the tea, you are merely tasting the sugar; you could make a very similar drink by dissolving sugar in plain hot water“. ~George Orwell, “A Nice Cup of Tea,” Evening Standard, 12 January 1946


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