Back from Hiatus


This month has been the busiest July in recent memory.

There was travel and relaxation, my significant other getting to meet my family for the first time. It went well, which I expected. He fit into my family as easily as he fit into my life, like he’d always belonged there.

Then there was coming home from the trip, going straight back to work and classes and life, with catching up on missed sleep while not at home

I had every intention of getting back to writing after this two week break for travel and recovery…but then life threw me a monkey wrench

I had to do something that I had been avoiding, because the consequences of my actions would have far-reaching effects on someone else and I actively try to avoid such things.

Simultaneously, I had to prepare for an exam on material that I had been struggling with, and take on a new responsibility at work.

These are all things I can handle easily, one at a time, but they came all at once, and I lost sleep and gained anxiety over it

Now that things have settled out back to normal, I’m reading again, and my brain is throwing up sparks of ideas

I’ll be back to writing on a regular basis now, too

Rest assured though, even during my break from writing, I’ve still been drinking tea!

May your perfect cup of tea find you today at the best moment possible!

“The first bowl washed the cobwebs from my mind —
The whole world seemed to sparkle.
A second cleansed my spirit
Like purifying showers of rain,
A third and I was one of the Immortals —
What need now for austerities
To purge our human sorrows?
Worldly people, by going in for wine,
Sadly deceive themselves.
For now I know the Way of Tea is real.”
~Chio Jen


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