Chocloate Orange


Tea of the Day: Chocolate Orange Organic by Stash Tea

Description: Chocolate lovers rejoice! This luscious Chocolate Orange Tea is a harmonious blend of creamy, natural chocolate flavor and zesty orange. The pair make a perfectly satisfying combination.

Dry tea smells savory and slightly orangey with a bit of a bite to it

Liqour is an amber gold color in the cup

Steeped tea is more savory and less orangey before sugar, almost like a warm chicken-based dish

Once sugar is added, the chocolate flavor comes out, with a hint of citrus in the aftertaste

Tea Rating: 3/5

Today some thoughts on how the ordinary becomes more than that when seen through the eyes of love (or lack of it)

The street on which your parents house sits becomes the most beautiful one in the city, even with the neighbors overgrown yard, and the potholes down the way, simply because your parents–and years worth of memories– are there

Your old school becomes the best ever in light of the  memories of all the good times you had there…or the worst, if the memories were not so good.

That one restaurant takes on the glow of the gods because you always had the best times with your friends there even if it’s just a little hole-in-the-wall place on the outside

I find that the personal touch that we leave on everywhere we go (whether anyone else can see it or not) is one of those neat things about being a part of the world. Physical places get so woven into our memories that in order to remember specific events, all one has to do is visit–or even just see–those places

There is a slight downside to all of this, though. Sometimes, if you leave a place and come back to it later, it’s reality does not mesh with your memories and you’re left with an empty feeling, a disconnect from how you expect things to be.

Thankfully, though, that place that does not shine like you remember it is never truly gone or changed, because at least in your memories, it is always the same

“Tea is drunk to forget the din of the world.”~T’ien Yi-heng


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