Very Berry Organic


Tea of the Day: Very Berry Organic Herbal Tea by Stash Tea

Description: If you like your teas tart, this zingy triple berry combination is for you! We’ve combined natural flavors of strawberry, cranberry and raspberry with hibiscus and rooibos to create a tangy burst of flavor.

Before steeping, the tea smells like being out in a berry patch on a sunny day, much the same wheen steeped, although a touch more intense

Liqour is an intense dark pink in the cup

Very strong berry flavor before sugar, with a nice zing from the hibiscus and tartness from the cranberry

Adding sugar makes the tea a little less intense in flavor, but without losing the berryness of the tea. A pick-me-up tea without the jitters of caffiene!

Tea Rating: 4/5

Today, a musing on a quote from Shakespeare

“And though she but little she is fierce”

First off, I find it amusing that when you do a Google search of that quote you get a plethora of images of this quote in different formats, on t-shirts and wall plaques, wallpapers and tattoos.

Clearly, I am not the first person to identify with Shakespeare’s words

There are probably a number of reasons why those words resonate so strongly

For me personally, it’s because some of the strongest people I know in terms of personality are women.

I’ve also seen plenty physically imposing men be absolutely terrified of their tiny mothers of wives when they don’t even bat an eye at things that would give me pause, and there isn’t much that slows me down.

It often seems like the smaller the physical package a woman comes in, the larger her personality is.

This is not a negative thing; I’m not just saying that they’re loud.

These real-life leading ladies fill up the room with their presence. You don’t miss them, even (maybe particularly) when they’re not saying a word. Everyone who comes into their space defers to them, sometimes comically unconsciously.

Plus, these women often know better than most what it takes to stand up for what they think is right, to dig in when the chips are down, but also when to bow to greater forces.

Perhaps it’s that balance that makes them so fierce.

“The sounds of the tea being made invite the peach blossoms to peep in through the window.” ~Uson, quoted in Sasaki Sanmi, Sadô Saijiki


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