Yunnan Gold


Tea of the day: Yunnan Gold by Sipping Streams

Description: Yunnan Gold black tea (also known as Dian Hong) is easily identified by its abundance of soft golden tips, and savory cocoa and black pepper flavors. This artisan tea hails from the Yunnan province of China, the birthplace of tea itself.

Smells both light and full, with a hint a of spice

Liquor is chestnut brown in the cup

The tea is very smooth and lightly spicy but sweet. Adding sugar makes the tea slightly more spicy but even more smooth if that’s possible

Tea Rating: 4/5

A little more of my story for today

The morning after the night I unkowlingly started my epic journey, I received an e-mail from my absent brother

“I found the most interesting lead while on assignment, probably the one that will cement my spot as head columnist for Global, or anyone I choose! I should be back in two weeks. Just meet me at my place at the usual time”

There was no signature, and I noticed that the date stamp was wrong, set to two months in the future. This was something he did from time to time when communicating with me whilst out on a sensitive assignment , obscuring his digital tracks so that his sources kept their privacy.

I shook my head as I read his words, irked that he couldn’t be bothered to tell me what was going on sooner, but still glad to have heard something, at least.


Two weeks passed in a flurry of activity, between filling in my coworkers on my clients that would need to be attended to while I was on my yearly vacation and planning this vacation without my brothers’s help. I was always the practical one, but he had always been the best at finding interesting and exciting things to do. By the end of the two weeks, I had simply mapped out where we would go, booking reservations at hotels and train or plane tickets to each place as applicable, deciding that I would let Darius drag me around in each place, his favorite thing to do, no matter what plans we had previously made.

The night before I was to return to my brother’s home, I had a dream that I would recall often in the months ahead

I am running through a wooded area, searching for something I cannot name, though I am desperate to find it. Suddenly, I trip over a root and fall into a moonlit clearing, sliding to a stop at the booted feet of a woman. I look up, startled and find that all I can see of her face is her huge brown eyes, deep enough to drown in. Then my eyes are drawn to her sternum where there sits a silver disk about 3 inches across that is glowing. As I look, it glows ever brighter until it hurts to look upon it. She covers it with one of her hands and shouts “GET OUT OF HERE, YOU ARE NOT YET READY!”

I woke up then, panting and sweating, her voice echoing in my mind.

“Water is the mother of tea, a teapot its father, and fire the teacher.” ~Chinese Proverb


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