Strawberry Green


Tea of the day: Strawberry Green by the Whistling Kettle

Description: A fresh and smooth flavor with strawberry goodness.

Smells like it sounds like it would: sweet strawberry with grassy undertones

Liquor is a very light yellow in the cup

Smells like strawberry still, with a more savory undertone than the dry leaf

Before sugar, light and sweet-savory, the flavors blend to make a more tart blend than the smell would suggest—something like strawberries while they are still young and small

Adding sugar makes it taste more like fully ripe berries

Tea Rating: 4/5


Carry on

We are small, yet enormous;

A galaxy’s number of atoms collected together,

lighting up the world around us in ways we can’t know

Brain and body send and receive messages faster than light;

our very thoughts would defy physics if they could be touched

Each one of us is a miracle,

a stunning collection of defied odds

And yet, and yet…

we often think of ourselves as insignificant.


Stop a moment,

take in our amazing reality,

starstuff rearranged into something new,

something that can change the shape of worlds

We don’t exist just to fall into dust

Chin up, sweetheart.

Keep the beacon of your mind lit up

Carry on, carry on


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