Tea of the Day: Lemongrass by Global Teas

Description: Our pure Lemongrass is naturally caffeine free.  A perfect way to unwind and clear your head.  Lemongrass is very cleansing and can assist in flushing toxins from your body, calm nervousness & anxiety, and help you sleep.  Enjoy this cup of pure relaxation!

Tea smells rich and slightly savory, with a strong overtone of spicy and citrus

Liquor is a cool olive green in the cup

Initially once steeped, the tea does not taste like something that should be drank, but should be eaten. Taking a sip also evokes flavors I would normally associate with food, but as I roll the tea around in my mouth i notice a pleasant fullness and a hint of  sweetness

Adding a little sugar both plays up the savory and enhances the other flavors of the tea, the citrus and ginger-like bite blending very well

Tea Rating: 3.5/5

There are some people with a quality about them that you can’t define but that you’re drawn to, that we’re all drawn to, like plants are drawn to the sun

These people are going to be as varied as anyone, from all walks of life and backgrounds

This quality knows no race, or gender, or age

You probably already know what I mean, maybe have already pulled up a mental image of someone who is like that for you, and probably many other people you know

Whoever they are, however they might appear, they move through life with grace and aplomb, and are not boastful of what they have accomplished or who they know (or are). On the contrary, they are often genuinely impressed by the people around them and give compliments that are genuine and specific. What’s more is that they tend to support and encourage those around them to go for that hard thing, or to improve their situation or just generally be happier

I’ve had the pleasure in my lifetime of knowing several of these sunshine-on-a-cloudy day people, and each new one at a time where I myself had lost track of my inner spark, like the universe was saying: “carry on, you’ve got this”

Take a moment today to thank those sparks in your life, even if they don’t understand.

Your appreciation might be that thing that keeps that person glowing bright

“So I says ‘My dear if you could give me a cup of tea to clear my muddle of a head I should better understand your affairs.”‘And we had the tea and the affairs too….” ~Charles Dickens, “Mrs. Lirriper’s Legacy”


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