Today, I am not doing a review of a new tea, though I am still drinking tea

It’s a blustery, cloudy day, scattered showers and though warm, feeling like a breath of spring chill though we are certainly well into summer

And so, chai

Hot and sweet, spicy enough to leave a track down the back of my throat, but smooth and rich as well because of the addition of a healthy dose of milk

Comfort food in a cup

And I realized: on days like today, I unconsciously gravitate to certain flavors, if not drinking chai outright, my favorite sweet and spicy herbal blend

(review of that tea here:

What I find interesting is that although I am drinking something that feels like comfort food, I am not feeling unsettled; I am simply comfortable and looking to stay that way

I am feeling calm and collected, yet focused and excited

Today is a good day


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