White Tea


Tea of The Day: White Tea by Golden Moon Tea

Description: The rarest of all loose leaf tea, white tea takes on a subtle, yet complex flavor with the addition of a chrysanthemum flower.The basic tea is blended with the highest quality Chrysanthemum that is floral and slightly toasty. The flavors meld together naturally with the Chrysanthemum adding depth and further complexity and excellent health benefits. The physical characteristics of the leaf are very beneficial. The leaves are specially selected and characterized by large, green leaves that are light brown in hue with abundant silver tips and high in anti-oxidant and polyphenol content for good health.

Smells surprisingly robust for a white tea, earthy and almost chocolaty

The tea leaves are noticeably quite long, so use a large tea ball or brewing basket

Liquor is light gold in the cup

Similar earthy smell when steeped, which carries over into the flavor.

Adding a little sugar brings up the chocolaty notes and lightens the overall feel of the tea

Very easy to drink and probably could be used as a base for other tea flavors

Tea Rating: 5/5

Today, just wanted to share with you a few fun/cute tea decorations I’ve run across and wish I had in my kitchen.

One day, I will have an actual tea nook with wall space specifically for tea decorations

best mug

happy tea

panda tea tea is happiness

These are all from various shops at etsy.com, and there are a ton more out there!

Go forth and tea!

Tea is quiet and our thirst for tea is never far from our craving for beauty. ~James Norwood Pratt


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