Organic Green Tea


Tea of the day: Organic Green Tea by Golden Moon Tea

Description: For the health conscious tea connoisseur comes this outstanding green leaf from the world’s first certified organic tea garden. Long, slender green leaves produce a smooth, mellow cup with exquisite flavor and subtle notes of candied pineapple. Sweet and clean in character, this exceptional green loose leaf tea is organically grown in the famous Uva district on the Isle of Ceylon.

Smells like a rainy spring day–rich yet light, grassy and refreshing

Has a more savory smell when steeped, but still very light

Liquor is bright yellow gold in the cup

Savory in flavor, a little sugar heightens the sweetness and lightness of the tea

Tea Rating: 4/5

The other day I talked about what breaks us apart; today I wanted to lighten the mood and talk about what brings us together

In a word: Gratitude

Sounds like such a simple thing to be such a big deal

And it is, really: saying “Thank you” with sincerity takes very little time or effort…

….but we often find it difficult to say to someone, or to accept when we are thanked, assuming we’ll be taken as being insincere, or finding sarcasm where there is none

We’re funny like that

Thing is, though, we need the gratitude, we really do

How much better do you feel about yourself or your day when someone thanks you for doing something, and you can tell they mean it?

Even when it’s something that you would have done anyway, you’re suddenly in a better mood and more willing to be cheerful and kind throughout the rest of your day

Plus, seeing someone smile from a genuine “Thank you”  always feels good

So, let’s spread a little gratitude

Say thank you to someone today, or many someones

Maybe start small: thank your parents, or your best friend, since you know they’ll understand that you’re not being sarcastic

Or, if you’re shy about saying so in person, write a thank you note. Everyone loves to get mail that isn’t junk or bills, right?

However you decide to do it, just try it.

This morning’s tea makes yesterday distant. ~Author Unknown


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