Bavarian Wild Berry


Tea of the day: Bavarian Wild Berry by Lipton

Description: This is a sweet and indulgent tea that tantalizes the senses with its vibrant flavor and robust aroma. The bright berry taste of this tea is great at any time of the day

Sweet and rich smelling when dry. Same when steeped.

Liquor is red-amber in the cup.

Tastes a bit like berry wine without the alcohol, sweet and flavorful and a bit tart

Tea Rating: 3.4/5

 The things that separate us should often be the exact things that bring us together.

Our egos are often too fragile for sense, too delicate for real connection.

Scoff if you will, but how often has the wrong thing said at the worst time resulted in a friendship ending, or a relationship deteriorating?

To me, it’s a sad thing that many of us at our most vulnerable push away the people who could help us the most.

I’ve done it, and watched it happen to people I care about

But no man (or woman) is an island and to be healthy and happy is to have a support system you actually use

Some of us are lucky to have friends who push past our walls and offer the help whether we like it or not.

It takes true courage to simply admit when the world is too much, and ask for help

There is a gulf between us,

my friend.

Not seen, but felt.

It is only things said,

and not said,

but it may well be an great rift in the ground,

for all the likelihood of crossing it 


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