Cocoa Tango


Tea of the Day: Cocoa Tango by Good Earth

Description: As unpredictable as a new-found romance – and just as spicy. Cocoa Tango blends together the sweet and sensual flavors of cocoa with the heat of chili peppers, making for a tea experience that will leave you breathing heavy with satisfaction and wanting more.

Smells like chocolate and spices, warm and inviting, just a little more spicy when steeped.

Liquor is a clear golden red-brown in the cup

Tastes much like it smells, like smooth chocolate, mingled with cinnamon, followed by spicy hot pepper that lingers in the back of the throat. Does not need sweetening of any kind, and as the tea cools, the flavor deepens

Tea Rating: 5/5

Today just a musing about how one might see someone who is bound heart and soul to someone else, if we could see such things

His mark is upon her, and hers on him

Indelible, undeniable, and yet, invisible.

If you were to look directly at them, at least.

Look past them, over them, turn your head so only the corner of your eye can see them…then what a thing you will see.

They glow, each a separate color: her a cool blue, him a vibrant red. From each of them, glowing threads run to the other, and where they meet, purple. Allow your vision to relax a little more and they light up the world around them, like a small violet star, warm and bright.

When you see one without the other with that sideways sight you’ll see that the very edges of each of their glows are purple; even apart intertwined.

If you’re very careful you’ll see that over each of their hearts there is the color of the other, surrounded by a ring of iris, with lines like shoots or vines arcing off and into this distance. If you were to follow this pulsing trail, you’d find the other, and note that they are even moving in a way very similar to their counterpart.

They are two halves of the same person, now made whole, and no physical distance can truly keep them apart.

Oh, what a sight to see!

Doubt thou the stars are fire,Doubt that the sun doth moveDoubt truth to be a liar,But never doubt I love.”- William Shakespeare, Hamlet

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